Your perfect kitchen

December 17, 2017
DIY furniture

Every housewife's dream is a spacious, ideal kitchen. And although the reality is almost always different from the vivid pictures in glossy magazines or television shows about interior design, we can all try to create for ourselves an unusual, beautiful and comfortable kitchen. The main thing is to follow the fashion trends, listen to the advice of experts and implement their fantasies and preferences in life, focusing on the recommendations of design masters. About room design in more detail at is the first step towards harmonious arrangement of your home.

Your perfect kitchen

Common mistakes

First, let's talk about the most common mistakes that we make, equipping the kitchen. Sometimes it is they who nullify our desire to turn her into the ideal workplace of a real hostess:

• Lack or excess of color in interior design;

• Insufficient lighting of the working area;

• Lack of balance in the placement of furniture and other interior elements;

• Poor quality unobtrusive elements (wiring, plumbing).

If the kitchen is small

With the help of furniture and properly selected household appliances, you can visually increase the size of the kitchen. First of all, in such a room should be left only what is really needed in the kitchen: a sink, several cupboards for kitchen utensils, a dining table, a tall but narrow refrigerator. At the same time, that “trifle”, which is used less frequently, can be placed in hanging cabinets under the ceiling itself. By the way, each of the elements of kitchen furniture can be transformed. This is not only fashionable today, but also extremely convenient in the operation of a tiny kitchen.

Your perfect kitchen

The location of the furniture in the kitchen

How to locate new furniture in the kitchen depends on its layout. But the most frequent placement options are as follows:

• U-shaped;

• L-shaped;

• Linear;

• Double row.

In several of these species, the location of a small “island” is also allowed, which becomes an ideal working area.

Color case

In order for the kitchen to be not only cozy and comfortable, but also stylish and beautiful, you should not forget about the correct selection of colors for it.This applies to every element of the room: from the decoration of walls and furniture to household appliances and accessories.

Your perfect kitchen

For example, for a small kitchen it is better to choose furniture of light shades with a glossy surface or a large number of glass or mirror doors. And in spacious rooms, you can use both a single, but a bright design, and a contrasting combination of colors.

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