You take me a taxi ...

Most modern people from time to timethere is a need for movement around the city. Many use their own vehicles, but what to do when they do not. And if you are on some family celebration or corporate party with your employees and allowed yourself to use alcohol?

In these cases, many decide . In this case, several problems are solved at once:

- you do not break your head with the problem of parking your car;

- the dose of "fun" can be acceptable, since the taxi will take you to the destination in integrity and safety;

- along the way, you can cooperate with your friends and colleagues and share the cost of services for the whole company;

- The taxi service works around the clock, so you do not have to "vote" for a long time on deserted night streets.

If, for comparison with the services of an official carrier, to take the work of any private taxi driver, then you will see a significant difference in the approach to providing services, safety and comfort of transportation.

Firstly, the passenger in advance can not know how much the services of the private trader will cost.

Secondly, the driver may not be local, and you will long search for the address you need, winding the extra miles on the speedometer.

Thirdly, the technical condition of the car canbe not flawless, and this will not be the best way, either on communication with representatives of the DPS, or on your security in general. In addition, during an accidental breakdown on the road, you may be late for a train or plane.

Companies that provide taxi services have in their fleet serviceable cars of modern brands that have been inspected. As a rule, experienced drivers work in the state.

Before the beginning of work, the mechanics perform a primary examination of the equipment leaving the route, and the drivers undergo a procedure for medical examination of their physical condition.
Every year, the types of services that areprovide companies that are engaged in taxi services. In addition to the traditional transportation of passengers at the destination, customers can order the delivery of goods from the store to the house, as well as various other products, such as flowers or gifts. For transportation of materials for construction, household appliances, furniture and other heavy and voluminous goods there is a special service - a cargo taxi.

For more comfortable and convenient servicetheir customers, companies that work in this service market, introduced the innovation several years ago. You can call the mobile number to order a taxi, the dispatcher will call you, or simply your call will be absolutely free.

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