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January 15, 2013

Wig do it yourselfDuring fun parties, New Year's holidays or carnivals, you want to look bright and unusual, and a wig made with your own hands can help us in this. The ability to make homemade wigs can also be useful to parents of children who go to kindergarten or attend school, because they often have holidays and thematic performances.

Wigs are of different types, and this article is not about those wigs from natural or artificial hair, which are very expensive and are made by skilled craftsmen. Wigs of this type require special skills, and besides, a lot of hair is necessary for making them - only in this case the wig will turn out similar to real hair. If there is a need for such a wig, then it is better to go to a specialized department where you can try them on before you buy.

Below are several ways to make wigs for fun activities. Also, often these techniques are used to create hairstyles for dolls.

Thread Wig

how to make a wig with your own handsThese funny and perky wigs will complement any carnival costume and create a festive mood. To create such wigs you will need: knitting threads of bright color, preferably thicker and about 1 meter in length, strips of felt fabric in tone with threads of 5x25 cm, sewing threads, hair combs, scissors.

Threads of bright color and sufficient thickness (acrylic is best suited) are aligned in length and folded in half in a bun.

  1. Cut out a strip of felt of the same color and begin to sew threads on it. This strip will be the basis of the wig, and the threads will be fastened along its entire length.
  2. The threads are sewn along the center of the strip with a bundle of small stitches, trying to sew so that none of the threads remain unstitched, otherwise the wig will fall apart.
  3. Thus, all threads are sewn onto a felt strip, evenly distributing them.
  4. The length of the suture should be such as to cover the head from the forehead to the occiput.
  5. Then on a tape of felt attach comb for hair of appropriate width. With it, the wig will stick on your head and not fall.
  6. The wig is cut to the desired length, gently trimming the thread with sharp scissors.
  7. The comb is fixed on the felt strip-based wig, stitching it with a needle and thread.
  8. In order that the comb was not visible from under the wig, it should be chosen with a width smaller than the strip of fabric itself.
  9. Then on top of the wig is separated by strands on each side - this is the future bangs. The separated strands are cut short and thus make a bang.

do it yourself wig

Knitted wig

For needlewomen who own a crochet, it is not difficult to make a wig with a base in the form of a crocheted cap, and wavy thread hair from thick enough acrylic threads.

do-it-yourself doll wig

  • In a spiral knit crochet from the columns with a cap on the size of the head circumference. Long threads are cut into strands at times longer than the required length of the wig
  • Take 3-4 threads, fold them in half and pull them into the loops of a knitted hat. The next bundle of the same number of threads is pulled into the next loop, thus forming a fringe.
  • Loops of loops are pulled through from the crown to the hem, and the length of the threads can be changed by adjusting the density and pomp of the wig. If the beams in the loops are tight, then the base of the cap will be almost invisible.The length of the threads can not be too aligned, because then it will still be trimmed.
  • After making the wig, it is tried on and trimmed in length and shape. If necessary, separate bunches are added to the places where the base is visible, so that the wig does not look too thin. If desired, you can separate the front strands, cut them short and get a bang.
  • The straps on the base-cap share a parting, which can be in the middle or side. If the base of the cap looks at the parting, then in these places you can also add non-thick strands of thread, knitting them one by one into the loops.
  • The finished wig can be of different colors and lengths, you can leave it with your hair loose, tie it into a tail or braid it. If desired, you can trim strands of different lengths.
  • It is important that the threads for the wig are not too tight, otherwise the strands will stick out in different directions.

carnival wig do it yourself

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