Why is it so important to rationally design a country house?

Today, many specialized Russian and foreign catalogs, as well as Internet resources, offer hundreds of rational and beautiful home projects to the attention of future homeowners. But very often, even after revising all this set of materials, the client does not stop on any of the options.

Take, for example, a situation where designers, wanting to present something creative and masterpiece, are making projects that are irrational from the point of view of future summer residents.

Everyone knows that a standard-sized timber is sold on domestic construction bases - 6 m. And in the catalog there are projects that are based on non-standard log cabins for 7 or 8 m ... That is, the standard materials for this construction will not fit. As a result, the owner, who acquired this project, in order to quickly build an unusual and cheap house, is likely to begin to redo everything at its discretion.

There are still many nuances and subtleties that can prevent the implementation of the principle of rational design.

Take another example. The hapless owner bought a cheap timber “ten”, made a log house, but after a while the quality of the material was fully manifested: ugly cracks began to appear in the walls. And then the owner, seeing that the neighbors use brick, decides to impose a house on this material. But such "improvements" will not bring the desired result, and even harm: in the gaps between brick and timber dampness will accumulate and the wind will walk. And if, God forbid, a fire happens, the house will instantly turn into a muffle furnace. But our cottage owner does not calm down, and therefore decides to veneer the house also with siding and foam plastic, on top of the brick .... There can be no talk of rationality.

What you need to consider when building a country house? In order for it to be cozy, several components are needed: natural lighting, good ventilation, planning volumes, good views from the window, etc. The architect’s task is not to forget about any of these nuances when planning and building comfortable housing.

For example, windows provide communication with the outside world and let natural light into the room. Of particular importance are the windows in our country, where winter sometimes lasts six months, or even more. The tendency to install large windows is present both in modern European projects and in the works of our architects.

Room volume is also important for comfort. Living room, which is traditionally located on the ground floor, we recommend creating a spacious living room furniture should be functional. For the effect of increasing the height, two levels of the house are combined here and the attic is located in the center of the wall. If the attic is located on the second floor, then there is no need to strive to make it cubic with the help of bevels and high piers, because the room can take the form of a trapezium, and this will visually “eat” the space. In order to prevent such an ugly effect, summer residents began to make a broken roof. That is, if in the original version the roof slope is 45 °, you can make your roof much more beautiful, provided that the bevel height is calculated correctly. The mansard room itself can also be significantly increased with the help of a binder "under the horse".

Stage planning cottage home.An important stage in the construction of a country house is to draw up a plan, which will show how the room will be divided into rooms with windows, doorways, etc.

For example, a family of four wants to build a summer cottage for summer holidays, weekends and a good time. It is important that this dwelling be quickly warmed up, keep warm well and “preserved” for the winter without problems. If there is a need for sale, the dacha should appeal to potential buyers - the average residents of the country. That is, you need to build a rational liquid building.

The entrance hall is the first thing your guests see. This is not only a zone where shoes and outerwear are stored, but also a place where the temperatures between the external environment and the room are aligned. There is no sense in excessively spacious entrance hall. However, try to have natural light, for example, glass elements in the door frame or front window.

Go to the first floor. Living room, dining room and kitchen can be located in the common area. There should be a bathroom and a small bedroom for guests or elderly people.

An open staircase from the living room leads to the second floor. Here you need to arrange a private master zone with bedrooms, office, nursery and bathrooms. Even the budget option is quite possible to make a hall that will link the rooms on the second floor. It will be a family living room where you can build a winter garden. At the planning stage of the windows in the lobby, consider the significant advantage of the second floor - from the windows of the second floor you can see more beautiful views of the surroundings.

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Why it is so important to rationally design a country house 63

Why it is so important to rationally design a country house 42

Why it is so important to rationally design a country house 98

Why it is so important to rationally design a country house 99

Why it is so important to rationally design a country house 86