Why is coffee useful?

Why is coffee useful?

  1. What is useful and harmful coffee?

    The drink can protect against migraine and stones, but cause depression and weakness.

    For many, this drink has become part of the lifestyle. The morning begins with him, strength is maintained throughout the day. How does coffee affect the body, is it harmful or, conversely, useful? We talked with this doctor-dietician, gastroenterologist of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Nutrition, Candidate of Medical Science. Alexander Martynchuk.

    Coffee, like any drink, has its pros and cons. As they say, you can poison yourself with water, says the expert. Therefore, if you do not exceed the dose and take contraindications, then coffee can be a useful drink, if you drink it as it is, you can do yourself harm.


    1. Increases mental and physical performance. Coffee is responsible for this property. This alkaloid blocks certain receptors in the brain adenosine due to which the effect of a tidal force occurs.

    2. Can relieve a migraine attack. As coffee expands the vessels of the brain, the spasm that causes a headache can pass.

    3. It serves as the prevention of cancer. Some people think that coffee is a carcinogen. In fact, the opposite is true. Those who regularly drink black liquor in regular doses (13 cups per day), can feel themselves protected from cancer. At least, from the cancer of the kidneys, liver and intestines, the results of the research speak about this. This effect is associated with the effect of antioxidants contained in coffee (in particular, tocopherol and caffeic acid). In this drink they contain more than in green tea.

    4. Protects against stones. Drinking coffee prevents the formation of cholesterol stones in the gallbladder due to the fact that it slows down the processes of crystallization (petrification) of cholesterol and accelerates the outflow of bile.

    5. Helps to lose weight. Coffee has the effect of burning fat by increasing the activity of metabolism.


    1. It can deplete the nervous system. This happens when an overdose occurs, when the coffee is too strong and when it is drunk too often. At the same time, the stocks of substances transmitting signals to the nervous system are reduced. Signs of exhaustion: irritability, depression, frequent palpitation, insomnia. To prevent this from happening, you need to drink no more than 23 cups of coffee a day. At the same time, the permissible dose of dry powder 1 tsp. soluble or 1 dess. l. brewed for 100 ml of boiling water.

    2. Promotes the excretion of minerals. Due to the pronounced diuretic effect, coffee can excrete calcium, magnesium and other useful minerals and trace elements from the body. Because of this, a person who regularly uses coffee even in normal doses, can feel weakness, depression, irregularities in the heart, headaches. Partly prevent the excretion of nutrients can be if you add milk or cream to the drink, and also use preparations containing minerals.

    3. Kills the vitamins. Under the influence of caffeine from the body is derived vitamin B1, which provides and regulates carbohydrate metabolism (including in the skin) and the work of nerves. With its lack, the quality of the skin and hair deteriorates, they become dry, memory deteriorates. Vitamin B1 deficiency may be compensated by means of bran bread, nuts and beef liver dishes.


    There is a group of people who can not use coffee, it can aggravate the course of illness in them. These are those who suffer:
    severe atherosclerosis
    cardiac arrhythmia

  2. It increases the pressure. When the pressure has dropped, draw a cup.
  3. Coffee briefly improves attention, improves the ability to concentrate, especially when the person is fatigued
    One cup of coffee improves attention, productivity, memory and mood
    Systematic coffee consumption can improve sensitivity to insulin and reduce the risk of developing diabetes mellitus 2 type
    The use of coffee slightly reduces the frequency of constipation
    Coffee significantly reduces the risk of developing cirrhosis
    A cup of instant coffee with caffeine can contain 85 milligrams of caffeine. In the absence of concomitant diseases, the rate of consumption of caffeine per day, no more than 300.
  4. The fact that coffee is a useful beverage in moderation is known to everyone. However, not everyone knows the specific reasons that this drink is valuable to the body.

    The reason is 1. Coffee helps protect the body from diabetes and cancer. Based on the results of the 12-year study of the effect of coffee on humans, the scientists made a sensational conclusion. Of 14629 adults who participated in the experiment, those who drank at least a cup of coffee a day were less likely to develop diabetes at 29%. There is no exact explanation for this relationship, but there is a suggestion that chlorogen acid, an antioxidant that helps regulate blood glucose, protects against human diabetes. By the way, it is she who prevents and inhibits the development of cancer cells.

    The reason for 2.Many people are frightened by the thought that coffee can lead to hypertension. However, according to the results of the research of the American John Hopkins, there was no direct connection between coffee consumption and hypertension: in itself, it does not cause a significant increase in blood pressure. But according to the Finnish scientific, coffee strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thereby protecting our heart.

    The reason is 3. Coffee contributes to the improvement of the liver and gastrointestinal tract. The experiment was conducted on people suffering from obesity and alcohol dependence. It turned out that the more often such people drank coffee and caffeinated drinks, the less often were cases of liver damage. The whole point is that coffee contains tannins, which prevent the absorption of toxic substances into the blood and have a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa.

    The reason is 4. Coffee has a positive effect on sexual attractiveness. Uchnye proved that the alkaloid of caffeine is an active stimulant, exacerbating the body's reaction to sensory stimuli. In men, coffee improves potency, and makes women more sensual.

    The reason is 5. Coffee improves mood. The hormone serotonin, which is produced by the action of caffeine, has the ability to improve mood and generally to get rid of aggression. The Dutch scientists have proved: coffee contributes to memory improvement by almost half.

    There are several recipes for the therapeutic preparation of coffee, in which it can be used to maximize health benefits.

    First, it is very useful to drink coffee with cardamom. Even in the Middle Ages it was sold as a medicine, and the secret of preparation was kept in the strictest secrecy. Cardamom clears the mind, stimulates the work of the heart, gives a person a sense of calm and inexplicable ease.

    Secondly, not everyone knows how useful and tasty to mix milk chocolate with coffee. This cocktail can safely be called pleasant prevention of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. In addition, milk from chocolate will replenish the supply of calcium in the body, because on average it contains about 250 mg for every 100g. chocolate.

    Who would have thought, but coffee, mixed with garlic and md, is an excellent remedy for colds and stomach disorders. There are many other ways of making coffee, because virtually every country can boast of its original recipe. But you must always remember: every product should be used in moderation, only then it will benefit your body.

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