Why is circumcised back pain

Throughout his life, a personperiodically feels painful syndromes in the lower back that arise with diseases of the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs and chest. Such diseases are very often given to the spine, that is, pain occurs in the posterior parts of the region of the spinal cord corresponding to the diseased organ.

Occasional girdling pain in the lower backcan serve as the only sign of a disease. In diseases of the pelvic organs, it is given in the sacral region, the organs of the abdominal bottom - in the lumbar region, the organs of the peritoneum - is reflected in the lower part of the thoracic spine.

The resulting girdle in the lower back canpreserve the characteristics that are inherent in the affected body. For example, if there is an ulcer of the duodenum, the pain may appear about a couple of hours after eating. You can eliminate it by using the following meal.

Pain in the upper lumbar and lower thoracicSpine parts are caused by the presence of a tumor of the wall of the duodenum or stomach. Typically, this pain is caused in the epigastric region, but if the back wall of the internal organs is involved in the painful process, the pain can be felt in the region of the spine. Also, pain sensations can appear in the center of the back, maximally recede in the side. When the pain is intense, it seems that everything hurts everywhere.

Any arising periodically, duringfor some time, shingles in the left side requires special examination and clarification of the symptoms to determine their origin. This pain can be a sign of some kind of functional disorder of a certain organ and can signal a serious problem. Therefore, in the presence of such sensations, it is not recommended to take painkillers, since pain is a signal. The best solution in this situation is to consult a doctor.

Pain that is felt in the lower abdomen with the leftside, indicates inflammation of the lower part of the large intestine. Usually, accompanying symptoms are rumbling in the abdomen, stools, increased gas production. Therefore, a person will have to limit himself in the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is not recommended to drink fresh milk and eat black bread and a variety of seasonings.

In addition, shingles in the lower backit is noted in chronic pancreatitis. It is characterized by its location in the pancreas. Various enteritis and colitis also have a characteristic pain syndrome that surrounds the lower back. Even hepatic colic and a textbook appendicitis are the causes of pain only on the left side, and not vice versa.

When there is a girdle in the right side -it is a sign of appendicitis. In this case, urgently need to call a doctor. Typically, the pain that is observed with appendicitis, initially not strong, can occur at the top of the abdomen and move down to the right. In this case, there is nausea and fever. Pain can be worse when lying on the left side and walking.

In some cases, the resulting girdling painin the lower back can signal about shingles. This inflammatory disease is caused by a herpetic infection caused by inflammation of the ganglia of the spinal and intercostal nerves.

In addition, cramping sudden pain on the right can occur due to renal colic. Quite often it is accompanied by high fever, frequent urination and vomiting.

Modern medicine knows a lot of pathologies and diseases associated with shingles or in the side. Therefore, when these feelings occur, you should immediately contact your doctor.

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