Which is better: the windows of the "Age" or "Rehau"? How to choose plastic windows for the house?

Acquiring housing in the secondary real estate market,or entering into an inheritance over an apartment built under the Soviet Union, the owners are being asked about the capital repair of the house. Improvement of living conditions, as a rule, begins with the replacement of communications and windows. In the market of plastic profile systems a huge choice of firms, among which the leading positions are the products of German manufacturers. Which is better: the windows of the "Age" or "Rechau"? Unequivocally answer in favor of a particular firm can not, however, by examining the characteristics and advantages of the goods of each manufacturer, it will be possible to make an objective choice.


Window as a finished product comes to the customer,after passing several links. At the first stage there are firms which by a method of extrusion produce a plastic profile. In everyday use, windows made from the profile of a particular firm have its name, which indicates the importance of such characteristics as PVC construction. Then the six-meter PVC construction gets to the processor, where it turns into a finished window structure. Dealers with whom the customer communicates before selecting the windows and installing them, conclude an agreement with the processing plant on the supply of finished PVC profile systems. Although there are companies that independently manufacture plastic windows, purchasing only a profile for their production, and directly sell them to the customer, bypassing the dealer link.

which is better than the window of the century or rehau

It is important to understand that if we are talking about windowsEuropean manufacturers, it is an indirect sale of goods from Germany. For example, plastic windows "Age" or "Rehau" are made from the German name of the same name on the territory of Russia under the license of the concern. And the profile is also produced locally at one of the company's manufacturing facilities.

"Century" and "Rehau": what is common?

What's better: window "Century" or "Rehau", if both manufacturers produce a profile using German quality control. The history of the two companies begins in the 20th century. The first plastic profile in Rehau was sold in 1958, 10 years later the company Veka competed. The main representative offices of the companies are located in Germany, and production complexes operate in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other countries.

The difference between firms is only that "Rechau"specializes not only in window and door profile systems like the "Century", but also in engineering communications, the supply of polymer systems for the automotive industry, the production of components for the furniture industry.

windows of the century prices

With a small time difference appearedRepresentation of companies in Russia: first "Rehau" in 1995, and in 1997 - "Century". The first plant for plastic extrusion in the Moscow region was opened by VEKA, in 2004 similar capacities were located in Novosibirsk. The company Rehau in 2002 opened a workshop for the production of plastic profile systems, and in 2003 in Gzhel the construction of the plant began, which was completed by 2008.


The main constructive element in the windowPVC profile is considered, which on the cut is a contour with a lot of partitions. The voids between the plastic walls are called chambers. The more air spaces, the higher the heat transfer resistance coefficient. Companies of plastic windows produce products from profiles, the minimum number of cameras in which 3.

"Rehau" and "Century" in the assortment line have window profiles from 3 to 6 chambers. Comparative table (the information is objective and taken from official sources).

Profile series

Number of cameras, pcs.

Mounting width, mm

Heat transfer resistance coefficient, m2С / W



























From the characteristics of the profile, it is clear thatit's better that the windows of the "Age" or "Rehau" are impossible, unless the analyst is an employee of one of the listed companies, because the technical indicators of identical profile series are the same.

Profile class

External profile frame according to the European standardshould have a thickness for class A: 2.7 - 3 mm. Then from it it is possible to make facade constructions and frame installations. If the profile walls are less than 2.7 mm, then the manufacturer saved on PVC, and this profile belongs to class B, which has a service life less than its predecessor.

plastic windows of the century

On the official resource, the plastic windows of the "Century" inseries with four-chamber design are declared with an external wall thickness of 3 mm, similar information about the opponent "Rehau" is absent. Although the competitors sites reported allegedly real (not declared by the manufacturer) characteristic of the thickness of the profiles of both companies is 2.8 mm. There is still hope for your own measurement when choosing windows.

Double-glazed windows

A large area of ​​the window opening isglass, so its thickness and other characteristics depends on noise insulation and energy saving. The glass packet consists of at least two glass panels, the space between them is filled with air. One-chamber double-glazed windows are a minimum of two glasses. The thicker the multilayer structure, the higher the technical characteristics of the window system: airtightness, heat and sound insulation. Chambers in the profile and in the glass construction are different things.

windows rehau price

Types of double-glazed windows:

  • Impact-resistant glass with a polymer film, called triplex.
  • Standard.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Sun protection.
  • With different thicknesses of glass - noise insulating double-glazed windows.

Installation of Rehau windows occurs withusing insulating glass with thickness from 24 mm to 44 mm. In the profile of the "Century" there is a technical possibility to install a glass structure with a thickness of 24 mm to 50 mm.


When choosing plastic windows, it should be understood thatthis design does not consist of one profile and glass. Mechanisms, which with one turn of the handle open and close up to five locks simultaneously, are called fittings. It is assigned a constant load, and the quality of the mechanisms determines the uniform fit of the valves to the frame.

company of plastic windows

Plastic windows companies choose their ownsuppliers of window fittings. In the Russian market, the cracked window handle of REHAU is presented. Reliable fittings: hinges, trunnions, locks release Austrian company MASO. Quality mechanisms for PVC windows are also provided by German firms Roto and SiegeniaAUBI. The listed fittings are capable of withstanding a load equal to 20,000 full cycles of opening and closing windows. Standard window "Century" prices with installed German fittings are higher by 65%, rather than similar constructions with Turkish or Chinese mechanisms.

Plastic windows for the house "Rehau"

Choosing a worthy filling of the window opening,it is necessary to take into account the natural and climatic conditions. What windows are "Rehau" better for urban high-rise buildings? Professionals recommend to stop on windows with a profile, width of 70 mm, for example, the SIB-DESIGN series. Soldered, with all the requirements, the profile in the window unit does not leak and does not freeze, which is experimentally proven. The Delight series is suitable for northern apartments with a lack of natural light. The profile of this series is already normal, due to which the light flux increases by 10%.

installation of windows rehau

What other features are the Rehau windows? The price of the construction is 1400x1450 mm, with a double-glazed window, with five chamber profile SIB-DESIGN, without lamination is 9,350 rubles (without the window sill and low tide). The cost of the profile system with the possibility of additional light reception will cost the buyer, as of November 2015, 10 240 rubles. Since the windows "Rehau" characteristics of profiles have a variety, there are budget options for production. A standard window from the category BLITZ will cost 7,980 rubles.

Windows of the "Century": prices

To compare the price policy of both companies, the monitoring of the windows of the Century was based on the determination of the cost of a double-winged product of similar dimensions, as for the Rechau 1400x1450 mm.

what windows are better rehau

Plastic window systems from profile"Euroline", consisting of three cameras with double-glazed windows, will cost the customer 7,300 rubles. If the work will be carried out "on a turn-key basis", then it is necessary to count on 13 600 rubles. A series of windows "Proline", consisting of a four-chamber plastic system, is estimated by the manufacturer at 8,400 rubles. The cost of the window system from the profile of the five chamber "Softline" is not much different from the similar series "Sib-design" of the "Rehau" window. The price of the construction is 9,100 rubles. Comparing the German brands for the production of basic elements for a plastic window at a price, one can draw a conclusion about a loyal price policy. The price of a standard double-winged window (without window sills) in Russia averages 10,000 rubles.

The bottom line: what is better, the windows of the "Age" or "Rechau"?

If the reader has reached this section of the article,therefore, he has an idea of ​​all the important elements and details, of which the complex construction of the plastic window is composed. The profiles of the two brands compared are the sales leaders. Both companies have production facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation, so there are no direct supplies from Germany. The technology of manufacturing profiles for "Veka" and "Rehau" complies with all state requirements and European certificates.

The only difference between plastic systems - inPossibility to place in itself a double-glazed window in the thickness of 50 mm. Here, with a small margin, the firm "Century" is in the lead. From the fittings, which the manufacturer sets, and the installation depends on the service life of the windows.

When choosing windows, it is important to trust the installationdesign professionals. When signing a contract, it is necessary to check the information about the manufacturer of the hardware, if there are no data, then chances, handles, hinges will not correspond to the declared quality.

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