Where did Levin go?

Each of the fans of the series Interne knows thatone character did not participate in the shooting of the third season. What happened to Levin from Interns? According to the scenario, the character Levin, played by the actor Dmitry Sharakois, having received a guarantee for the right of scientific activity in the United States, went to satisfy his ambitions. Why did the character have to leave? Why could not he do his job at the same hospital? Because of the cruel satrap Bykov. And also problems on the personal front with the nurse Any. Therefore, according to the scenario, Levin had to leave the hospital. What happened to the actor in fact?

In fact, Dmitry Sharakois, who playedrole of Levin, just starred in a feature film. He was offered this role and the actor, seeing for his career a good opportunity, did not renounce it. After all, many directors noticed Dmitry's talent getting used to his role, and this did not go unheeded. The actor constantly received many proposals for the main role in different films. And I chose the most suitable option for myself.

Levin was busy on the set of a new film, whichis called "Cloffee". This film is a romantic comedy, where two lovers expect all sorts of adventures. While the audience was wondering - where Levin went, he was doing an interesting film in the meantime.

Now it is definitely clear that the shooting in this filmare for Dmitry Sharakois the next step in his acting career. The second main role went to singer Leela, who also sang the soundtrack to the film. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the former doctor Levin climbed the career ladder and finally began to play more serious roles in the cinema, and not just an intern with big ambitions.

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