When is airless spray better than pneumatic?

airless spray

airless spray

Painting work is carried out by two main methods. We are talking about air and airless spraying. The first way is that the air from the compressor is supplied under pressure to the spray head. The air velocity is very high (more than 400 m / s). Reaching the nozzle, the air is mixed with a stream of paint, dragging it along. The second method - airless spraying, is that under high pressure, not the air is pulled out of the painting apparatus, but the paint mixture itself.

Due to the high viscosity of the paint, a very high pressure is required - from 200 atmospheres (while in the “air” method, compressors with a pressure of 2-6 atmospheres are used). With this method does not form a colorful fog. Accordingly, all the paint that has come out of the nozzle reaches the surfaces to be painted. That is why this method uses the material more economically.In addition, compared to using an air pump, solvent consumption is reduced.

Another significant advantage of this method is the speed of work. The time of coating the surface with paint during such spraying is several times less than the time of coating a similar area by the pneumatic method. On the other hand, this method is not without flaws. One of them - the coating applied by airless method does not look as aesthetically pleasing as the coating created by the pneumatic method. Therefore, this spraying is used mainly to create corrosion protection.

In particular, so paint cars and metal change houses. For domestic purposes, this method of painting is used for applying paintwork material on various metal and wooden premises, for example, in the country. When performing such works, the main role is played by the speed of paint application and the quality of protection, aesthetics are not so important. Therefore, to solve these problems, this method remains unrivaled. Another disadvantage is that airless spray painting equipment is much more expensive.

However, if we are talking about professional use of the sprayer, then due to the effective use of materials, reducing solvent consumption and, most importantly, high painting speed, this equipment pays for itself and its use is in some cases (described above) more beneficial than using pneumatic sprayers. When purchasing such units, it is necessary to apply to companies selling proven equipment that has proven itself on the market from the positive side so that no misunderstandings arise during operation.

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