What will rise in price since January 1, 2018

Soon the New Year holidays will come, and all Russians are eagerly awaiting these wonderful days. But, as the experience of recent years shows, it is often overshadowed by price increases. It is no coincidence that many of our citizens are interested in what will rise in price since January 1, 2018.


List of goods and services that are more expensive

Unlike past years, 2018 will be marked by two important events that will certainly affect prices in our country:

  • presidential elections;
  • Soccer World Cup.

What will rise in price since January 1, 2018

It is clear that to some extent they will slow down the growth of prices for some goods and services. Nevertheless, it is already known that prices for several positions may rise from the first of January. This will concern:

  • fuels, including gasoline;
  • utilities;
  • travel on all modes of transport;
  • resort collection;
  • purchases in foreign online stores;
  • drugs;
  • tobacco and electronic cigarettes;
  • food;
  • imported cars;
  • tax deductions related to real estate, land and business.

Some items from this list have not been fully approved by our Government. It is hoped that the leadership of our country, against the background of the upcoming presidential elections, will not dare to raise the prices of railway transport and utilities, at least until March 18, 188.

As for food, this list also requires clarification. Certainly not expensive in Russia:

  1. sugar;
  2. flour;
  3. pasta;
  4. bird;
  5. vegetable oil;
  6. vegetables and fruits of domestic production, etc.

All these products are produced in sufficient quantities in Russia and are not related to foreign purchases.

The reasons for the rise in price

And now, let's see what can become more expensive and what it will be connected with. All information is tabulated:

Diesel fuel The rise in price of this type of fuel will be caused by a rate increase of approximately 35%. In 2018, it will be equal to 7072 rubles.
Petrol The price increase is due to the fact that the excise rate per liter will increase by 50 kopecks. This increase will occur twice a year. The first price increase will take place 01/01/18, and the second - 01/07/18. This will apply to fifth-class gasoline. If now the rate per ton of gasoline is 10,130 rubles, then at the end of next year its value will be equal to 10,535 rubles.
Payment of utilities The change in tariffs will be caused by an increase in the cost of gas in line with rising inflation. It is expected that the rise in prices will occur within 3-4%. There will also be an increase in the cost of electricity.
Medications Primarily imported drugs will increase in price. To a greater extent this will apply to drugs from the European Union. They rise in price by an average of 30%. Chinese and Indian drugs will rise in price by about 10-15 percent. Domestic drugs may not grow in price if they are completely produced on our raw materials and equipment. Although it is likely that they will still rise in price due to higher electricity prices.
Tobacco products Cigarettes rise in price due to the increase in the rate on tobacco by 250 rubles. The excise rate for one thousand cigarettes will be equal to 1,718 rubles. By the way, excise taxes and e-cigarettes are introduced.
Imported cars Increase in price by 5-10%.
Property tax It is obligatory for all citizens of the Russian Federation and makes up 0.1% of the cost of apartments, houses, villas, garages, etc. For non-payment - a fine that depends on the rate of the Central Bank.
Land tax It is introduced in Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory, Crimea and Altai. It is determined by the authorities of these areas and can not be more than 50 rubles per person per day.A preferential category of citizens is exempted from it.
Duty to buy online Currently, in foreign online stores you can buy goods worth up to 1 thousand euros without a fee. From 01.07.18 this figure will be 50 dollars. For more expensive product you will need to pay an additional fee in the form of a fee. This actually cancels the duty-free importation of goods.
Car scrap collection Increase by fifteen percent.
Business taxes When using forests, businessmen will have to pay more than twice as much as they do now. If entrepreneurs use reservoirs for the production of electricity, they will have to pay a tax of 1, 25 times more. If the water area of ​​water bodies is used, the tax is increased tenfold.
Waste collection in heavy machinery will increase by 7%. Fees will also be levied on equipment and machinery. Water tax rate will rise 1.75 times. Taxes in small businesses will raise by the amount of inflation. All entrepreneurs engaged in trade are required to purchase cash registers, and these are additional costs.
Food Products, which are made from imported raw materials that are purchased for currency, will increase in price.If the dollar rate rises, then we should expect a rise in price: tea, coffee, vegetables and fruits, etc.
Household appliances, computers, various devices, etc. Since this product is purchased for foreign currency, it can also rise in price when the ruble falls.
Mortgage Next year, a significant increase in mortgage lending rates is expected. According to experts, about 30% of people will refuse this type of service due to the inability to pay interest.

As can be seen from the table, the price increase in 2018 will be large-scale. Against this background, the position of the government regarding alcoholic beverages is completely incomprehensible. It would seem that when it is so hard for the whole country, it is possible to find additional funds by increasing the price of alcohol. However, this is not done. The thought involuntarily appears that this is done intentionally in order to prevent possible protest moods.

The rise in price of cigarettes, especially elite brands, has a positive effect to a certain extent. More and more people will be forced to give up their bad habit, which ultimately will have a positive effect on their health.

That will rise in price since January 1, 2018 in Russia. List

As for cars, the increase in this segment can have a positive effect. Many motorists will consider options for domestic manufacturers.True, here we are awaited by unpleasant surprises. As it became known, the ERA-GLONASS system will become more expensive since 2018, and this in turn will affect the domestic automotive market.

The rise in price of gasoline will certainly cause an increase in the cost of public transport. Electric transport will not help either: trolley buses and trams. They also rise in price due to the rising cost of electricity. Not the best way things are with the subway. In the capital's subway is expected next tariff increase.

Where to look for a way out?

So far, there is no hope that the crisis in the economy will pass quickly. Also, there is no prospect of lifting the sanctions. The difficult economic situation can last for several years.

In this situation, psychologists advise not to despair. As practice shows, behind the black stripe always follows white. As long as there are crisis phenomena in our country, we can recall past times and learn how to manage money efficiently and economically.

Also a good help in a crisis can be home canning. A certain supply of such products, especially in the case of a delayed salary or a small pension, can alleviate the situation for a while.You will not think about food and will be able to take a fresh look at existing opportunities.

If you can get rid of loans until 2018, then do it immediately. Try not to fall for bankers anymore.

Try to deal with the existing forms of state assistance. There are cases when it is possible to issue all kinds of benefits.

A good option in difficult times has always been the presence of the infield. Very often in Russia, the land literally fed people. Cottage or house in the village will always help you out in difficult times.

And the last thing - never lose your sense of optimism. Our country went through different times. It will take quite a bit of time, and we will again live!

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