What will be the winter of 2017-2018 in Samara

Samara is a large administrative center of the district of the same name, included in the top ten cities with the largest number of residents and annually attracting a large number of tourists from both Russia itself and from neighboring countries. That is why, the question of what will be the upcoming winter of the 2017-2018 season in Samara, excites more than one thousand people planning to live, work or relax in this region.

In this article we have collected the most relevant information about:

Snowy weather in Samara

Climate and geographical location

Samara is located in the depths of the continent at the mouth of the Volga and Samara rivers. Therefore, although the region is not affected by air masses that form over the oceans, the average annual air humidity is quite high and is 74%, and the amount of precipitation is greater than in regions that are located far from the water arteries of the country.

The region is dominated by a temperate continental climate with its distinctive 4 seasons. Critical lowering of the temperature in winter is quite rare. The absolute minimum temperature, officially recorded by weather forecasters in 1942, was -42ºС.Of course, such extreme frosts are not the norm for Samara. On average, in the most frosty days, which in the three months of winter may be only a few, the thermometer drops to -25 ºС during the day and to -30 ºС at night. Also in the period from late November to early March for the region are familiar:

  • snowfall and the formation of sustainable snow cover;
  • winds with short squalls;
  • sudden changes in temperature from a strong minus to rates close to zero.

Snowfall in Samara

Weather forecasts for the winter of 2017-2018 in Samara

Wanting to know what the forecast for the upcoming fall of 2017 or the winter of 2018 will be in the city of Samara, you can rely on the information of the meteorological services of the Russian Federation or simply conduct observations of the surrounding nature and interpret the data obtained by popular signs.

Weather forecasters

Meteorologists are unanimous - although the winter of 2017-2018 in Samara, although it will be quite snowy, frosty and windy, still does not supplement the statistics with new extreme indications.

The first of December will be only a calendar approach of winter, because the first snow, like the first frosts, can be expected by the residents of the city at the end of October.Snow cover should be formed by the end of November, which will give lovers of active winter rest many pleasant moments, and all residents of the city will receive positive emotions from the contemplation of fresh snow sparkling in the sun and pleasantly crunching under their feet.

Winter Samara

Winter will begin to retreat only in the second half of March, and by the second week of April the frosts should completely give up, allowing the spring to come into its own.

Forecasts for national signs

If many skeptics are ready to challenge the words of weather forecasters, arguing their distrust with a low percentage of accuracy in long-term calculations, then nature signals, which can correctly interpret plants and animals, almost always come true.

We propose to evaluate what will be leaf fall in 2017. If the leaf falls off rapidly - the winter will be cold and early, if the trees will long please the eye with bright multi-colored foliage - the cold season will be mild, with frequent thaws.

Also worth noting:

  • how and when migratory birds fly away;
  • how thick the undercoat is in wild animals;
  • how bees and forest dwellers prepare for winter;
  • how rich are the harvests of acorns, nuts, and rowan;
  • what weather will prevail in the fall.

Today we can say with confidence that the winter will be frosty, because quite a lot of precipitation during the summer months, as well as a warm and dry first half of the autumn, indicates this.

Detailed forecast for Samara for the winter of 2017-2018

When planning a vacation in the winter, it is important to choose the right period of rest, so that the weather would allow you to fully enjoy all the delights of the Russian winter. This will help a detailed forecast compiled by meteorologists on the basis of long-term observations.

December weather

December will be frosty. Already in the first days of winter, the thermometer bursts will drop to -10 ºС at night. Light snow is expected in the first half of the month. In short periods of lack of clouds, the frost will increase, reaching closer to the New Year's night -17 ºС.

January weather

With the arrival of the new calendar year, severe frosts will come to Samara, which will recede towards the end of the month, giving way to a thaw. There are possible drastic changes in daily temperatures, which can reach 10 degrees or more, which meteor-dependent people can feel.Therefore, in January it is worth more to listen to your body.

February Weather

The weather will be changeable. A light minus at night and 0 ºС during the day, which will please the residents and guests of the city in the first week of February, will quickly turn into a significant minus closer to the middle of the month, so that after that they could change the thaw and shower the city with soft fluffy snow. But, you should not relax, this is only a temporary respite, which nature gives to all who love to ski and sled, play snowballs and make snowmen. By the end of the month, severe frosts will return, which will hold the city in chains until March warming.

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