What is the number of Maslenitsa in 2019

Winter is coming to an end.
"Spring, come", - the people sing.
Between them, somewhere on the border,
The dummy is already stuffed.
Calling in-law mother-in-law on pancakes -
They are fried, fat.
Hurry up, put her at the table ...
What is this holiday? Guess!

Seven weeks before the holiday is celebrated, known to modern people as Maslenitsa. He came from a distant, pre-Christian antiquity, and caught on after the Baptism of Russia, having received a new status in the Orthodox tradition. Much of it has changed, but the merry festivities with traditional entertainment and the main treat, pancakes, remained the same.

The date of the holiday is tied to Easter, which falls on different numbers every year. The last day of Maslenitsa always falls on Sunday - the 49th day during the countdown from the day of the Resurrection of Christ. The holiday itself lasts a week, i.e. its beginning is not at 49, but for 56 days. The numbers to which Shrovetide falls in 2019 - from 4 to 10 March.

What date is the Orthodox Church celebrating Shrovetide

Strictly speaking, in Orthodoxy there is no holiday with such a name.March 10, coinciding in 2019 with Carnival, is called Forgiveness Sunday. This is the last “free” day before the long Easter fast - spiritual preparation for the meeting of the Resurrection of Christ. It will be useful for those who keep the fast to know that God does not forgive those who did not forgive the offender. Therefore, following the traditions without filling them with spiritual meaning will not be of benefit to the fasting person.

In the old days, on the evening of Forgiveness Sunday, people took to the streets and went to their homes, asking for forgiveness from each other for voluntary and involuntary offenses. Now for this it is not necessary to go - modern means of communication quite allow to do it without separation from the house. And although this act is never easy - face to face or by telephone, but for your own peace of mind and health, this must be done.


History and the present of a holiday

The deep roots of Shrovetide lead away in times of dense paganism. Then it was the cult of worship of the deity of the Slavs - Yarile. For his propitiation, human sacrifices were offered, which was quite ordinary. With the advent of Christianity, such sacrifices were canceled, but the celebration itself remained.His symbol to this day is a pancake - round, like the sun.

Every day of the week preceding Maslenitsa was celebrated and named in a special way. Monday was the day of the meeting of Shrovetide, when they baked pancakes, treated each other, handed out to the poor and stuffed. Tuesday - "igry", and Thursday - "razgulyay", differed with stormy fun, sledding, slides, carousels. On Wednesday, the mother-in-law was waiting for her brother-in-law on pancakes (hence the expression went). The more she respected him, the more abundant the table laid for his arrival. On Friday it was the turn of the son-in-law to feed the mother-in-law with pancakes, and not hers alone, but with her friends. She brought them with her to show off her son-in-law and his kind attitude towards her. On Saturday, the sister-in-law called guests to her husband's sisters, treated them with sweets and conversation, and also presented small presents. On Sunday, Maslenitsa came, accompanied by celebrations, round dances, songs, jumping over the fire, fistfights, conquests of snowy fortresses and the obligatory burning of stuffed animals.

jump over the fire

Over time, many traditions have been lost, but the holiday is still alive today. The celebration of Maslenitsa in 2019 is unlikely to differ from previous years.Mass celebrations, performances of folk and pop groups, trays with all kinds of food, mandatory pancakes and constant 100 grams for fun - these are the permanent attributes of modern Maslenitsa. For the most dexterous and fearless ready tall post with gifts at the very top. A burning straw figure symbolizing the passing winter is the highlight of the festive program.

Festive Pancake Recipe

Pancake recipes - weight. Here is one of them, inexpensive and time-tested. Pancakes are very thin and fishnet.

  1. Boil the water and cool it to be slightly warm.
  2. Beat eggs into it (at the rate of one per half liter), add a little salt, add sugar (per liter a tablespoon with a small slide - not more) and mix all this well.
  3. Sift flour.
  4. Zakolotit dough, the consistency of liquid sour cream shop times of the USSR, and add there sunflower oil - 2-3 tablespoons per liter.
  5. Heat a griddle, brush with lard or vegetable oil and bake pancakes, roasting on both sides.
  6. Immediately grease pancakes removed from the pan with butter and sprinkle with sugar, stacking them together.


Important nuance:the dough needs to be done completely liquid and let it stand for about 20 minutes so that the flour swells. If this is not done, then it will thicken in the process of frying, subtlety and openwork will not work. If this still happened, you can dilute the dough with water to the desired thickness.

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