What is laminate made of?

If you have a need to replace the flooring, but you own a small amount of money, then the best option would be laminate. Laying does not take much time, but the effect will be amazing.

Today, manufacturers of laminate can safely say that the quality of products is at a high level. Laminate in its structure resembles a floorboard and is a multilayer coating. The basis of the laminate is crystallized pressed wood and fibreboard, which adds strength and rigidity. A layer of paper is glued to the base, on which the drawing is “under the tree”. It can be an image of parquet boards made of beech, maple, cherry, etc. Sometimes it is quite difficult at first glance to distinguish laminate from parquet, because almost everything is repeated in production: wood texture, rock, roughness. In addition, in the flooring market you can see samples of laminate, imitating marble, granite, tile, carpet, etc.

On top of the paper is applied either acrylate or melamine resin, which acts as a protective layer. If the laminate samples are more expensive, then the top layer is treated with corundum, which makes the coating hard and wear resistant. Basically, the laminate has a thickness of from 7 to 8 mm, a length of 122 mm and a width of 190 - 200 mm. As the laminate imitates wood, it can be called laminated parquet. Most consumers believe that laminate is a substitute for natural wood or does correspond to the characteristics of expensive parquet.

To date, the use of laminate is not limited, especially since in recent years there are samples on the floor covering market with a variety of patterns, for example, vegetables, fruits, flowers. Thanks to the laminate, the consumer can create the room of his dreams, while not having fabulous sums.

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