What is cattle and how to recognize it

The word "cattle" sounds insulting. It feels arrogant and openly declared superiority. So the Polish gentry called the peasants and other working people, in other words, the mob. In this sense, the word is used today by people who have achieved a high social and material status and therefore believe that they are composed of a different flesh and blood than the less successful fellow citizens. However, this interpretation of this definition is incorrect.

what is cattle

To understand what cattle is, it is necessaryto understand the etymology of this word. In its original sense it means working and livestock and has an Eastern European origin. Attitude to pets is different. When someone is called an ass, then it means his low mental ability, at the same time to work like a bull is not at all ashamed. You can recall other representatives of the agricultural livestock, roosters, chickens, goose, goats and goats, cows and bulls, sheep, finally. In general, a comparison with the majority of the representatives of this herd will not make anyone happy.

the word cattle

In the literal sense, the word in our time is practically notis used. What is cattle in the modern sense? These are people who voluntarily, by virtue of their upbringing or by the will of circumstances, abandoned the right to have their own judgment about the world around them. Herdness manifests itself in different ways, but its main criterion is belonging to a certain group with established rules of conduct. The goal of such voluntary association is the minimization of mental efforts aimed at making important and responsible decisions. So it's easier, you do not need to think, and there's almost no responsibility, at least it seems that way.

Collectivism allows you to overcome shyness in thosecases when you need to beat someone. The crowd consists of cowards, but you can be sure that such a cattle will kill, destroy, stomp and rob, that is, it will do what every single participant does not dare. This psychological feature is reflected in the criminal codes of different countries, which establish a more severe punishment for crimes committed by a group of people.

cattle value

But not only a criminal manifestation has thissocial phenomenon. Regardless of the occupation, a person can express himself creatively, the desire for this is inherent in his original nature. The desire to learn something new, to comprehend, to learn, to rise higher in its development causes irritation to the gloomy crowd, which begins to actively oppose the upstart. A clear understanding of what cattle is, arises when huge masses of people perform some meaningless actions. It's not for nothing that under the regimes that are commonly called totalitarian, they like to organize demonstrations, parades and parades. The same method is used by revolutionary oppositionists, when they set the goal of subordinating the masses to their will.

Once a famous French fashion designer expressedthe idea that fashion is invented for those who do not know how to dress. The urge to look the same as everything, gives out a rednecks. The meaning of this word extends to that part of the population that willingly absorbs the mediocre product of mass culture and demonstratively rejects everything that at least somehow differs from the imposed format.

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What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it What is cattle and how to recognize it