What is 2018 devoted to in Russia

Traditionally, for many years in a row, each year is assigned a specific topic, so many are interested in what 2018 in Russia will be devoted to. Since the topic influences the social and cultural development of the country, as well as its positioning in the international arena, it is carefully selected.

In simpler language, every Russian should know which topics are relevant for the country, which milestones of history should not be forgotten. In public education, power is well understood in the government. It is not enough to know that in 2018 we are choosing a new president and we will host the World Cup, and we need to have a wider outlook. That is why every year in Russia is devoted to certain things and themes. It is known that several options have been proposed, but the final decision has not yet been made. The last word remains for the Government, and the Decree of the President will be the final point. It is authentically known that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin personally supports several ideas. The proposed options by various departments are now vigorously discussed by both ordinary people and officials.

2017 was the year of ecology, and 2018 will be the year, of course, of football for Russia by default. The entire first half of the year will be devoted to the World Championship - after all, the honor of accepting events of this level does not often occur. So, what is 2018 in Russia?

2018 will be devoted to Russian ballet

Olga Golodets, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, at the International Cultural Forum that took place last year in St. Petersburg, said that 2018 should be devoted to Russian ballet. The fact is that in 2018, 200 years since the birth of Marius Petipa are performed - choreographer, who made a significant contribution to the development of Russian ballet. And although he himself was born in France, he lived most of his life in Russia, and his contribution to art is invaluable.

The great choreographer of the Moscow and St. Petersburg scenes delivered more than 60 performances, including the following:

  • "Don Quixote";
  • "Mascot";
  • "Pharaoh's Daughter";
  • "Sleeping Beauty";
  • "Bayadere";
  • Giselle;
  • and others.

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea. He signed a decree on the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marius Petipa.


2018 will be the year of the theater

The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Medinsky, suggested that 2018 should be devoted to the Russian theater.The head of the department noted that even in the conditions of the economic crisis, the government is making maximum efforts to support theatrical activities in the country, but still in remote regions there is a lack of population’s approach to art. The dedication of 2018 to the theater will allow to solve this problem, as well as perform the following tasks:

  1. Introduces a wide range of people with real art.
  2. Expand the repertoire of theater groups.
  3. Organizes touring the country.

According to Medinsky, the Bolshoi Theater is always 95% full, which means that people will support this idea and help implement all the plans and development plans.

Everyone knows that in most theaters in Moscow and St. Petersburg you will not find tickets, no matter how much they cost. At the same time, in many other, even fairly large cities, theatrical art is in blatant decline and oblivion. Perhaps, if 2018 is declared the year of the theater, this dissonance will begin to be corrected.


2018 will be sent to civil activity

The initiative to spend the next year under the motto of civic activism to dedicate it to volunteering was voiced by Alexey Transtsev, the director of the volunteer club. This idea appealed to the Russian president.They announced that 2018 could be a year of civic activism in the absence of other ideas from the government, since there should be a place for volunteering in the life of the country. Youth social activity has grown so much over the last decade and it is necessary to direct it in the right direction.

In addition, in 2018 the World Championship will be held, during which thousands of volunteers will work. The desire to give people with disabilities a sense of themselves along with healthy people deserves respect.

2018 will be the point of development of tourism relations between Russia and India

Foreign relations with other countries are important for the development of Russia. When Putin met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they discussed the possibility of dedicating 2018 to tourism.

In the framework of the thematic year will not only considered options for interaction of travel agencies and special lucrative travel offers. It is possible that negotiations will be conducted on the introduction of a visa-free regime between Russia and India.In the framework of the meeting, an agreement was also signed on increasing tourist groups. The topic of tourism remains very topical for many Russians, because we have not yet opened Turkey, we actually remained without a cheap beach holiday abroad. Proof of this was an avalanche increase in tourist flow to Vietnam. And India is no worse, in any case, tourist areas. There are good beaches and lots of natural and cultural attractions at a low cost of recreation and food.

Russia - India

2018 will be a memorable year for Solzhenitsyn

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the country should not forget its cultural heritage. The 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn is an excellent occasion to devote him a whole year. Representatives of the Foreign Ministry offered to hold more than 100 different events aimed at preserving, distributing and popularizing the works of the famous writer not only within Russia, but also at the world level.

As part of the thematic year, it is proposed to open the Solzhenitsyn museum-apartment in Moscow, as well as to erect a monument. It is planned to announce a competition for the best project of a monument to the writer.Carrying out a year dedicated to Solzhenitsyn will allow Russia and the whole world to recall the great philosopher and writer.

2018 will unite all nationalities and peoples in Russia

The head of the Assembly of Peoples of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Smirnova, submitted the idea of ​​devoting 2018 to the unity of the peoples in Russia. President Vladimir Putin supported the idea, saying that a large number of ethnic groups and nationalities live in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The head of state noted that holding the year under this motto will allow:

  1. Unite different nations and nationalities.
  2. Learn about the history and traditions of each ethnic group living in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3. Consider all the beauties of our vast country.
  4. To form strong relations between different nationalities.

Carrying out a year of unity of the peoples of Russia will make it possible to show concern for all ethnic groups and nationalities.

Peoples of Russia

2018 will be devoted to the fight against cancer

Every year the number of patients with cancer grows. Both adults and young children suffer from malignant tumors. Despite the best efforts of medical staff, about 280 thousand people die of cancer each year.

The holding of the year dedicated to the fight against cancer will allow a number of activities to be carried out to solve such problems:

  1. Make it more accessible citizen survey.
  2. Expand opportunities and methods for detecting oncology in the early stages.
  3. Increase research into malignant tumors.

An indirect confirmation was the direct line with the president, on which V. Putin spoke to a young girl with cancer and promised her to change the situation for the better. Certain changes began to take place the very next day.

2018 is the year of Japan in Russia

During the trip of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Medinsky to Japan in December 2016, at a meeting of politicians, it was decided to spend 2018 in Japan in Russia. This decision is aimed at the development of economic, political and cultural relations between countries.

Russia’s relations with Japan have always been uneasy. We still have not signed a peace treaty and there are territorial claims. Nevertheless, only open dialogue and cooperation can change the vector in a positive direction, for which the necessary efforts will be made.

During the year it is planned to hold a large number of events of different scale and direction. Various festivals, contests, and performances will help to get closer to the culture, history and traditions of each nationality.

What will be devoted to 2018, time will tell, but each of the ideas submitted has the right to be realized, since they are based on good intentions (uniting nations, preserving people's lives or the cultural heritage of the country).

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