What firm to buy winter clothes for a snowmobile? Snowmobile wear: brand rating

Recently, it has become very fashionable to activelyspend your winter leisure outside the house. If earlier residents of our country preferred a cozy home in winter cold, now every year people prefer sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sleighing and snowmobiles more and more every year. The latter, in turn, is very popular with both young people and older people.

snowmobile wear

With the approach of winter, all inveterate athletesbegin to think about the equipment and purchase of clothes for the winter season. Lovers also do not lag behind - they buy clothes for active recreation on snowmobiles. Sometimes full equipment can cost you a lot of money, so you need to be able to choose the right winter clothes, in accordance with all requirements and wishes.

This issue should be approached very seriously. Clothing for riding on a snowmobile must necessarily be of high quality, firm and in size. On this depends the safety during the ride and the feeling of comfort of the owner of this clothing.

Full outfit

Clothing for a snowmobile consists not only of a jacket and warm pants, as many people mistakenly believe. Winter clothing for a snowmobile includes the purchase of:

Snowmobile riding clothes

  1. Thermobel.
  2. Waterproof outerwear.
  3. Shoe with multi-layer liners.
  4. Glove with an inner warm layer.
  5. Balaclavas and helmets.

Thermal underwear and fleece clothing

Pay special attention to buying thermal underwear. It must be necessarily new and high-quality. Thermal underwear perfectly removes moisture from the body, respectively, it will always remain dry, which will avoid rapid cooling of the body. Next, wear fleece clothing. Fleece is a synthetic knitted fabric that, in turn, dries very quickly and keeps the heat well, even when wet.

Waterproof winter outerwear

Over the fleece wear a waterproof winterjacket and pants. When buying them, pay special attention to the fact that they are waterproof, non-blowable. Also, buy a product from "breathing" materials, because with active rest you sweat, and moisture needs to go somewhere. Pay attention to the valves for the possibility of additional ventilation. A good solution is to buy a jacket with a detachable lining. Then clothes for the snowmobile will become more practical, and you can wear it in the cold season, while I feel comfortable and harmonious.

Selection of shoes

Shoes also play a huge role in preservingheat of the whole body. After all, it's advisable to keep your feet warm so as not to freeze. Shoes must be waterproof. Thanks to the presence of additional internal liners, heat will be retained for a longer time, and also to remove moisture.

Purchase of gloves

In cold weather, the hands are severely affected byfrost and chilling wind. Even with a small set of speed (30-40 kilometers), they first of all feel the currents of cold masses. Take care of protecting your hands by buying gloves with the presence of an inner layer of fleece. On the snowmobile there are special protections for hands or automatic heating of the steering wheel. But even he does not save from severe frosts.

Helmet and balaclava

Pay attention to the thermal insulation of your head. Get a balaclava from fleece. But consider that the thicker the fleece, the larger the volume will be the head. When fitting a helmet, be sure to put the balaclava chosen for it under it. Only then you can understand how comfortable you are.

If you buy a cross helmet, a balaclava with an exhaled air cut-off is ideal. If you prefer a closed helmet, use a pinlock or visor with electric heat.

Types of winter outfit

In the world there are a lot of brands orcompanies that have been manufacturing and successfully selling products such as snowmobile wear for many years. There are several types of winter equipment for snowmobiling:

Snowmobile wear ski doo

  1. Touring - tourist equipment. Its main task is to keep the body warm as long as possible. At the same time, the owner of such clothes should be as active and active as possible. Suits of this kind are very popular not only among tourists, but also among experienced professionals. After all, they allow for the longest time to be in the fresh air even at the lowest temperatures.
  2. Race - racing equipment. It is intended for those who act on maximum possibilities, but for a short time. For example, athletes need a comfortable, but at the same time, light form.
  3. Mountain - equipment, designed for riding in the highlands. It is in the mountains that the weather changes unpredictably, it jumps up and down. This kind of clothes will not allow you to freeze in any weather.
  4. Recreational - equipment for fans. If you prefer to stay at home in the severe frosts or just ride once or twice, this kind of shape is just for you. Moreover, he is very pleasant in the ratio of "price-quality."

On which of these types of equipment to stay,depends only on your desires and needs. If you just want to ride a snowmobile, and this is just a hobby for you, buy a tourist option. If you want to do it professionally, you will be more comfortable with the mountain kind of outfit.

Brands Description

Let us now read in more detailfamous trademarks, which produce winter clothes for snowmobiling. Only after comparing all available brands will you be able to choose the best option for yourself. We will study the most commonly purchased accessories, such as a jacket and overalls.

Snowmobile wear Ski-Doo

Ski-Doo is part of a huge BRP company (Bombardier Recreational Products). The history of this company begins in the distant 1942. The founder and owner of the company is Joseph-Arman Bombardier.

BRP is known in the world as one of thethe best manufacturers of snowmobiles. They also offer accessories and accessories for their customers for various types of active winter recreation. Snowmobile wear from the company Ski-Doo - it's always the ratio of affordable prices and high quality. It is surprising not only for its lightness, but also for its unusual design.

Jacket Ski-Doo Jacket ABSOLITE Zero with a heaterPRIMALOFT is an excellent option for a long trip at very low temperatures. A four-layer valve, a lot of adjustments, a detachable collar is all that will help you keep the heat as long as possible.

Ski-Doo ABSOLITE 0 excellent complementSet, without shackling your movements while riding. Representatives of BRP released a new series of jackets, called Ski-Doo M-Code 3 in 1. This jacket not only warms you in severe frosts, but also draws the attention of all those around you. All the jackets of this series are made in bright and saturated colors.

Clothes FXR for snowmobiles

Clothes fxr for snowmobiles

The Canadian brand FXR has long been known not onlyprofessionals, but also just fans of snowmobiling. Milt Raymer, the founder of this company, like no other, knows what should be clothes for riding a snowmobile. After all, he, while a young guy, was carried away by this sport. He has conquered many professional sports peaks, as a result, now his company is known as one of the leaders in the market of professional winter clothes for snowmobiling.

Their last invention is the Backshift Pro jacket. Now this jacket is 3 in 1, which consists of two parts: the main and an additional jack-up jacket with insets on the insulation of Exkin. The outer part of the product is made of nylon using a certain membrane, which, in turn, has a warm inner layer. This allows it to maintain air exchange at a high level, while perfectly coping with the removal of moisture.

The jacket has an internal pocket for storagepersonal belongings, as well as many ventilated inserts. To prevent the snow from getting inside the jacket, there are: front zippers, collar and cuffs on Velcro. And the light-reflecting elements will not let you go unnoticed even in the dark.

In the kit for the jacket are new trousers with an elongated upper part and a low fit. They are ideal for even the most unusual figure.

winter clothes for snowmobiles

"Clim" - clothes for the snowmobile

Buying things American brand KLIM, you will always be sure of the unchanged quality of this product. Snowmobile wearfrom this manufacturer has a unique membranecalled GORE-TEX, which has a billion microscopic pores per square inch. The pores are 20 times smaller than the water, which makes the jacket waterproof. And 700 times more molecules of water vapor, which allows you to completely remove excess moisture. A special hydrophilic substance does not allow various insects and skin fat to enter the interior of the membrane.

Winter clothes. "Polaris" for a snowmobile is an ideal option

Snowmobile riding clothes

Another American major representative at thethe market of manufacturing of snowmobiles. The goods of the Polaris brand are popular not only in America, but all over the world. Like all brands that manufacture snowmobiles, they have developed a line of accessories and equipment for outdoor activities.

Clothing for the snowmobile of this company is alwaysexcellent quality at nice prices. It has a waterproof effect that will allow you to stay dry in any weather. Several layers of insulation, developed for the latest technology, allow you to keep the heat as long as possible. The complement is a comfortable unplayable overall with suspenders and a comfortable fit.

Ideal clothes for the "Yamaha" snowmobile

Japanese representative in the production marketwinter clothes for outdoor activities. Since 1968, when the first snowmobile was launched, and up to now the "Yamaha" logo is a guarantee of high quality and reliability in everything. Buying equipment of this company, you can be sure of one hundred percent in its originality and uniqueness.

clothes for the Yamaha snowmobile

Recently, they presented a jacket with a newadvanced MMT Two-Stage Dry technology. This water-repellent and at the same time air-conducting fabric will allow you to feel most comfortable under any weather conditions. A collar with a non-inflatable bar, side ventilation inserts, adjustable bottom of the jacket are pleasant additions to the already existing advantages of this product.

Security is above all!

Clothes for riding on a snowmobile are selected. Now you can safely sit behind the wheel and conquer new peaks. The main thing is to remember the rules of safe driving. Here are some of them:

  1. Do not drink alcoholic beverages before you get behind the wheel of a snowmobile.
  2. Watch for the technical integrity of your iron friend.
  3. Have a route card with you.
  4. Try not to travel in the dark.
  5. Do not ride near water.
  6. Ride on specially equipped tracks.
  7. Do not ride alone.

If you use all these simple, butvery important rules, snowmobiling will be a pleasant active rest for you in any weather. This is not only a good occasion to be with family or friends in the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful nature, but also the opportunity to significantly strengthen the immunity. The charge of cheerfulness, received at driving, will suffice for a long time.

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