We perform roof insulation

One of the most common, at present, views of the roofs of country houses, cottages and just garden houses, are pitched roofs. When constructing roofs, the main requirement that affects the quality of construction is effectively performed roof insulation. Through insulation, the smallest loss of thermal mass through the attic space is ensured, which sufficiently affects the level of coziness and comfort when all family members live.

Good and effective thermal insulation can be obtained only with the exception of cold bridges. The appearance of cold bridges can be minimized; it is possible to continuously lay thermal insulation material over rafters, or wood flooring, or, in extreme cases, a certain part of it should have a continuous appearance.

Thermal insulation material must have high strength properties, for the reason that the weight of the roof, as well as wind and snow loads have an impressive figure, which is determined by the climatic conditions of the construction area. The laid insulation layer should not have protrusions, deflections, breaks, as well as cavities for the free passage of air masses. No less a role in good thermal insulation of the roof is played by such properties of insulation as frost resistance, moisture resistance and non-susceptibility to biological processes (decay, mold, fungus), as well as high environmental cleanliness. It is strictly forbidden to use heat-insulating material that has negative odors and releases toxic substances into the environment. When performing construction work, special attention should be paid to the technical condition of the insulation. With excessive water saturation of the insulating material, the device ventilation channels for drying it is simply necessary.

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