We bake the potatoes correctly

bake potatoes

Today we are baking potatoes. There are so many options for cooking potatoes that it is simply impossible not to find a recipe. It is not necessary to cook potatoes alone. To it you can add meat, cheese, vegetables, experiment with spices. Although the baked young potato itself is a fairly tasty independent dish, the chefs come up with more and more combinations. If you feel a passion for cooking, arm yourself with everything you need and begin! Recipes for baked potatoes can be found in this article.

Aromatic potato

This dish is suitable for any occasion. According to this recipe, we do not just bake the potatoes, but try to achieve a crusty crust, while maintaining a soft consistency inside the potato lobules. Even if you cook for the first time, tune into a positive mood, and you will succeed.

Necessary ingredients

To create this culinary masterpiece youa kilogram of young potatoes, a couple of spoons of sunflower oil, a small amount of special breadcrumbs for breading, sweet paprika (at the tip of the knife), fragrant cumin, cayenne pepper (can be replaced with black), thyme and table salt. For the sauce, take a glass of sour cream (or mayonnaise), a few garlic cloves and a bunch of fresh parsley.baked young potatoes

Cooking method

As you can see, we are not just baking potatoes. We'll have to make a sauce for it, too, in order to highlight the taste of the dish and emphasize the aroma of a bouquet of spices. So, the tubers of young potatoes should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. Cut the tubers into neatly beautiful slices, then fold them into a deep bowl and pour abundantly with sunflower oil. All mix well. The oil should evenly coat the potato wedges. Take another convenient bowl. In it it is necessary to mix breadcrumbs for breading, pepper and table salt. With clean hands, roll the slices in the resulting mixture. Take out a large baking tray and evenly place the potatoes in one layer. Take care that the slices do not touch each other. Oven heat up to two hundred degrees, you can warm up and stronger. Now bake the potatoes for forty minutes.

From time to time open the oven and check the readiness of your dish.recipes for baked potatoesFinished slices have a stunning color and smell. Once every fifteen minutes you need to turn the potatoes, otherwise it will be baked only on one side. That's all. It remains only to shift the lobules to a flat dish. Served this potato along with the sauce. If you are limited in time, we advise you to use the ready-made shop product. For example, cheese sauce perfectly emphasizes the palette of this dish. However, if you decide to do everything yourself from start to finish, prepare the simplest cream sauce. To do this, finely chop a bunch of greenery, garlic denticles through the press and mix these ingredients with sour cream. For someone it is more customary to take mayonnaise. This mixture is poured into a special saucepan and put next to the dish.

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