Volkswagen Passat CC second generation will appear in 2017

As part of the Paris Motor Show, which took place at the end of 2014, the new Volkswagen Passat B8 was presented to the general public. After that, in the spring of last year, in Geneva, the fans of Volkswagen’s creations were demonstrated by the Passat CC, but this was just a conceptual model that revealed to the public their views and plans for future development.

The new-generation Passat CC series model is expected to be released in 2017, because on the roads, there will still be a flaunt version previously presented.

So, in Geneva, the manufacturer Volkswagen demonstrated the concept Sport Coupe GTE. That he will be the forerunner of the Passat CC 2017 model year. The company's management identifies the high adaptability of the conceptual model, which is based on the modular type of MQB architecture.

Dimensional features of the Passat CC 2017

According to preliminary data, the body dimensions of the car will be as follows:

  • The width of the novelty is 1860 mm;
  • In height, the new Passat CC will reach 1,400 mm;
  • Wheelbase - more than 3000 mm;
  • The length of the machine will be 4870 mm.

According to preliminary information newVolkswagen Passat CC 2017lose about 100 kg of the total mass, but this did not prevent it from lengthening by as much as 100 mm compared with its predecessor.

New Design

Passat CC 2017

The machine will receive an ergonomic interior, which is characterized by a minimalist style. There will be plenty of free space inside the car. Regardless of which of the two rows the passenger is located, there will be plenty of legroom everywhere.

Control over all systems, as well as their management is carried out using a touch screen, which is located on the front panel. Between the front row seats, the touchpad found its place.

The dashboard of the car will be made in digital form, the developers will also equip the interior with comfortable sports seats, and the modern climate control will be in charge of the favorable conditions. Finishing materials in the new Passat CC will be more expensive, respectively, better quality.

Volkswagen Passat 2017

The prototype shown in Switzerland surprised all viewers with beautiful 21-inch wheels for wheels made of aluminum, as well as a panoramic sliding roof.

There are no official pictures of the car on the Internet yet, but the German manufacturer has already presented a couple of teasers to the public.If you examine the images in detail, you will notice that the second generation of the Volkswagen has a different grille. It smoothly flows from the bottom to the bumper - such an original decision in the future will be the company's proprietary feature. Rear racks are equipped with side windows. The previous version of the car did not have such elements. It is expected that the developers will equip the novelty with unusual headlights with built-in LED elements.

Some experts suggest that the second generation of this model will no longer be in the sedan, the new product will be a liftback, which will have five doors. To refute or, on the contrary, to justify this assumption, it will not be possible very soon, although, in principle, such a version seems to be completely unrealistic.

Technical features of the machine

Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE 2017 photo

The power plant is represented by a combination of DSG "robot" (six-speed with two clutches), two electric motors (placed on two axes), as well as a six-cylinder turbocharged petrol power unit with a capacity of three liters. The total power of this installation was recorded in 380 hp

To achieve a speed of 100 km / h the car will take about five seconds.Peak speed is limited by an electronic “collar”, which does not allow speeding above 250 km / h. Thanks to electric shock alone, the new Passat CC 2017 model year will be able to travel about 50 km, if you choose a hybrid mode, this distance increases to 100 km.

Passat photo

In addition to the hybrid installation, this car will offer diesel and gasoline power units. From unofficial sources, it became known that the initial equipment will have a 140-horsepower engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters and the technology of shutting down half of the cylinders. Advanced equipment will delight customers with a 150-horsepower diesel engine with a capacity of two liters. In addition, there is information that the manufacturer will prepare power units with a volume of 2.0 and 1.8 liters, a capacity of 280 and 180 hp. respectively.

As mentioned above, the new product will be developed on the modular platform MQB-B. Due to its unusual design, the axle, located in the front, will be pushed to the nose area of ​​the machine.

Given the rich line of power units, with the presence of a hybrid installation, as well as an interesting modern appearance and improved comfort model, you can not doubt the loud premiere of the new generation Volkswagen Passat CC next year.

Date of the premiere and cost of cars

volkswagen passat sedan

It is not known when this model will go into mass production. Initially, the manufacturer wanted to present it this year, but today the beginning of the supply of the second generation Passat CC is postponed until next year.

Prices are also not yet known. I would like to recall that the current version of the car is offered in the markets from 1,270,000 rubles for the initial configuration.

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