2017 year of the rooster

Updated Mazda 6 will be offered in 2017

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

Japanese car manufacturer announced the appearance in the global automotive marketMazda 6 2017 model year. Judging by the pictures, the car looks revolutionary. Engineers from Hiroshima were the first to open new gates to the design of production models. The wealth of finishes and the availability of innovative technologies make it possible to confuse this car with a business class model.

Appearance Design Mazda 6

Designers of the automobile enterprise created a single concept called Kodo (in translation - “the soul of movement”) for the entire model range of cars. Based on this trend, a new Mazda 6 was manufactured.

Photos convey avant-garde exterior, devoid of any convex faces and sharp transitions. Everything corresponds to the maximum aerodynamics and external aesthetics of the elements. The use of light metal alloys served to reduce the overall weight of the body.

The car is completed with four adaptive independent headlights.Such an innovative solution with lighting provides a more effective illumination of the road when driving at night. High beam switches to dipped independently, thanks to intelligent electronics.

The unique “highway” mode when driving at high speeds, taking into account the fact that there will be no oncoming traffic, automatically raises lights to illuminate a larger part of the roadway.

updated Mazda 6

Innovations also affected the suspension of the car. Levers of the latest configuration provide excellent smooth movement. Depending on personal preferences, the buyer will be offered a choice between an all-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive transmission.

New Mazda 6 2017 will be produced in the station wagon and sedan. In the development of a sports coupe.

Interior features

The car has received a serious update. The architecture of the center console and front panel has been redesigned. Inserts of leather give the interior a solid and elegant look. Seats got multifunctional architecture.

The backs of the seats of the new car are made of perforated material, providing a comfortable ride for those seated, even for long distances.Regardless of the configuration, all seats have a heating function. Above the instrument panel is a small projection screen.

Mazda 6 2017 photo

Developers maximally stuffed salon electronics. The photos clearly visible quality seven-inch screen system MZD Connect. This development is the most high-tech compared to all others around the world. In addition to building a route, this system provides traffic data and rationally corrects it by analyzing the current condition on the road.

MZD Connect can be controlled by voice or by touching the touch screen. Wireless synchronization with a mobile device is also supported. All the necessary information from the "bortovik" can be displayed on the screen.

Unexpected moments while driving through the city will be prevented by a safe braking system. In the front bumper of the novelty, an ultrasonic sensor is integrated, which monitors what is happening in front of the car. At an emergency approach at a speed not exceeding 30 km / h, the processor will stop the car independently.

The inclusion of reverse gear, launches radar sensors.Electronic systems track the movement of cars in a given lane, the state of the driver and blind zones. On the parking of Mazda 6 2017 is fixed by an electric brake, therefore there is no parking lever in it.

Overall dimensions of the machine

Mazda 6 2017 exterior

By its size, the novelty belongs to the D-class.

  • The length of the car reaches 4870 mm;
  • In height - 1450 mm;
  • Width corresponds to 1840 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 160 mm;
  • The wheelbase is 2830 mm;

Vehicle specifications

Mazda 6 2017 release date

All engines of the new Mazda 6 are created in accordance with the concept of SkyActive, and meet the established Euro-5 standards.

  • 153-horsepower two-liter gasoline engine;
  • 5-liter 191-strong petrol power unit;
  • 2-liter diesel engine with a power of 150 hp;
  • 175-strong diesel power unit with a capacity of 2.2 liters.

The torque in this model is distributed using a six-speed "automatic" or "mechanics". Driving on the highway, a car with a 2.2 liter engine consumes about 6.5 liters of fuel. Excellent performance and efficiency is achieved due to the high degree of compression.

release date

6th Mazda will debut in the fall of the current year. The first, who will be able to get a novelty, will be Western European buyers.It will happen in the first half of 2017. On the domestic market, this model will fall in the middle of next year.

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