Trendy colors fall-winter 2017-2018 year from Panton

Every fashionista knows how important it is to choose the right colors and combine shades when creating a stylish look. Harmony of color solutions plays a decisive role in the design of clothes, and in the development of interior solutions, the field of cinematography, printing and advertising. That is why people long enough to create a single color system in which each shade will have a name and occupy a strictly defined place in the table.

Today there are many different color schemes, but the most popular is the Pantone Matching System, which was developed by employees of the Panton Research Center, founded in the middle of the last century.

Panton color palette

Pantone's color of the year

Color of the Year is a concept introduced by the Pantone Color Institute in 2000. The researchers realized that the palette of shades is too wide, and fashion trends are changing every year. Exploring fashion trends in art, as well as taking into account social and cultural changes taking place in society, leading experts are highly likely to predict shades,which will be very popular next season. Representatives of different national color groups participate in the selection of 10 trend colors. The decision is taken by secret ballot in one of the European capitals.

According to studies, in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season Panton predicts the popularity of such shades.

Top 10 Colors Panton 2018

Top 10 fashion colors of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season

Guided by the recommendations of Pantone, blondes and brunettes will easily find stylish new clothes in actual color combinations, because the color base is quite diverse and includes both universal shades (gray, beige, dark blue) and bright colors (rich red, burgundy, golden). green).

1 - Grenadine

Grenadine is a bright and rich shade of a red palette that looks great in mono-color images and goes well with other colors:

  • black
  • white;
  • gray;
  • sea ​​green.

This season, designers offer to replenish the wardrobe not only with luxurious dresses in the Grenadine shade, but also with fashionable coats, trouser suits and extravagant sheepskin coats. Get ideas for a stylish image in the collections of famous designers. This hue of the Pantone palette used: Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta and Max Mara.

Grenadine 2018Grenadine ModelsGrenadine 2018Grenadine color from Panton

2 - Tawny Port

Golden port wine is a deep burgundy color with a gorgeous eggplant hint, which Panton recommends paying attention to women of fashion who want to look truly luxurious in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season. Rich and self-sufficient, the shade allows you to create bright monochromatic images for girls of different types, and also combines favorably with black, white, scarlet beige and even elegant Shaded Spruce, also included in the top 10 of the most popular shades of 2018.

Many leading couturiers of fashion houses offer elegant cocktail dresses in fashionable Tawny Port colors, comfortable trouser suits, skirts, sweaters, coats and even fur coats. Particularly noteworthy is the luxurious collection of evening dresses from Elie Saab, which presents a lot of the most diverse models in this noble shade.

Golden port wine 2018Fashionable shade of golden port wineColor Tawny Port 2018Models in shade Tawny Port

3 - Ballet Slipper

The ballet slipper is a delicate pink shade with lilac notes, which will surely be enjoyed by the youth audience.

Couturiers argue that the sophisticated and sophisticated Ballet Slipper is perfect not only in aerial summer outfits of flying and flowing fabrics, but also in a winter look. One has only to look at the elegant knitted overalls, unusual skirts, as well as the coat of the classic fitted cut, presented in the photo, and it will become clearthat the color of a ballet slipper is a style, charm and a special mood. It is worth noting that this shade in 2018 will be at the peak of popularity not only in clothes, but also in hair coloring.

Ballet Slipper colors are best combined with gray and white. Also, pink-purple favorably will play in the tandem with silver fabrics and accessories.

Hue ballet slipper 2018Color Ballet Slipper 2018Ballet Slipper ModelsFashion pink 2018

4 - Butterum

Oily beige is a logical continuation of the fashion for nude shades, which dictates trends not only in clothing design, but also in make-up. The season autumn-winter of 2017-2018, according to the staff of the Institute of Color Panton, is the restraint and conciseness of the images, the naturalness and sophistication of color combinations. Warm and cozy Butterum can be found in many collections of famous designers.

The beige shade is universal, and therefore with it you can successfully combine many fashionable colors from the Pantone palette, creating a variety of classic looks or stylish bows in the casual style of youth.

Beige color from Panton 2018Butterum 2018Models with an oil beige shadeBeige shoes

5 - Navy Peony

Sea Peony is a deep and rich blue, on the basis of which it is fashionable to create both a strict bow for a business woman and a luxurious evening dress. This noble color can be found in the collections of such famous designers as Jason Wu and Phillip Lim.Fashion masters recommend combining Navy Peony with the classic black, gray and rich colors of Marina.

Dark and deep blue is gorgeous on fabrics of various textures. Both woolen trousers, satin blouses, and even fur coats from faux fur will be a worthy example in the wardrobe of a modern fashionable woman.

Sea Peony 2018Dress in shade Sea PeonyNavy Peony DressNavy peony 2018

6 - Neutral Gray

Natural gray is a classic that provides the broadest possibilities for creating elegant fashionable images and searching for extravagant combinations.

Panton turned on the gray tone in the 10 most popular ones, but according to Chanel Neutral Gray, the main color of the upcoming season, because almost the entire autumn-winter 2017-2018 collection from Karl Lagerfeld is sustained in cool gray shades. Also for the basis of the fashionable look for the winter of 2018, Thom Browne chose gray color, which has interesting monochromatic bows in its collection. And at Dolce & Gabbana they preferred brilliant silver to classic gray, offering elegant dresses and fashionable blouses made of luxurious shiny fabric.

Natural Gray 2018 PantonImage in gray from ChanelNeutral Gray BowSilver dress 2018

7 - Shaded Spruce

The shaded spruce is a rich green hue with a deep blue note, giving the female image a dynamic, but at the same time calm and tuneful to the mood of pacification and comfort.

The unique color is blue if in combination with a shade of foliage of a shady forest it is inimitable in monochromatic images.That such bows preferred in his collections Brandon Maxwell. We took into account the recommendations of the Institute of Color in the fashionable house Dolce & Gabbana, suggesting an elegant dress in the color of Shaded Spruce with an interesting floral decor.

In youth bows, elegant greens can be diluted with bright lime, and in strict classical looks combined with dark blue or black colors.

Shaded Spruce 2018 PantonShaded Spruce ImageShaded Spruce DressTrendy shaded spruce color

8 - Golden Lime

Golden Lime is a combination of tender warm greens and noble gold. A dress or coat in the shade of Golden Lime will fill the autumn day with the rays of the warm sun and lift your spirits.

It is safe to say that this cheerful and bright color will be popular among young people, because lime sweaters, pants, jackets and hats will easily fit in casual or military style.

How unusual and attractive lime-style 2018 can be demonstrated in their collections are designers such as: J. Crew, Olga May, Gabriela Hearst and Tory Burch.

Golden Lime 2018 by PantonGolden lime lookGolden Lime 2018Lime look Olga May 2018

9 - Marina

Marina is the color of the sea, which keeps the freshness of the waves of the coastal harbor and the blue of the endless sky. If you want to take a bit of a warm summer with you in the winter, complete your look with a stylish Marina shade.

This year, the sea has inspired many designers, and therefore women of fashion will be able to find ideas for an image in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season in the collections of Delpozo Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.

The bright color of the Marina goes well with many shades of the classic range. But, no less spectacular will be its use with a red scale (from saturated grenadine or more restrained terracotta).

Marina 2018 Panton colorImages in the shade of MarinaThe color of the sea in the images of 2018Fashionable bow in the color of the sea

10 - Autumn Maple

Autumn maple - "the quintessence of autumn"! Every European has invariably associated with a saturated orange hue with the color of autumn foliage and the rays of the setting sun. Warm, cozy and cheerful, this color will definitely take the top position in the 10-ke from Pantone.

A real shade of sunny autumn can be found in the collections of Delpozo and Rochas. Designers offer to combine stylish orange coats, jackets, dresses, pants and skirts with bright saturated things in shades of Marina, Navy Peony or Golden Lime.

Since the orange palette has been at a peak of popularity for quite a long time, the likelihood is that the coat or joke in the color of Autumn Maple will not lose its relevance next year.

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