Treatment of hyperhidrosis at home. Effective drugs, cosmetics and folk remedies for increased sweating

on 11.11.2016

Not only men, but also some women seriously suffer from the problem of hyperhidrosis, and everyone thinks that she is the only one in the whole world. Increased sweating does not allow you to live in peace, be in society and enjoy life: we think that everyone will notice these annoying wet spots on clothes and will want to stay away from us. We hasten to reassure you: hyperhidrosis is amenable to treatment, its manifestations can be easily prevented, and not at all with the help of surgical intervention, but with simple - pharmacy, cosmetological and folk methods.

The main thing in the article

What is hyperhidrosis?


Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, which is manifested mainly in such areas of the body as the armpits, legs, palms, less often in other zones.

At the first look at the problem, we think that excessive sweating does not require close attention, since its cause most likely lies in insufficient hygiene than in the manifestations of any pathology. In addition, perspiration is a natural function of the body, the purpose of which is the regulation of human body temperature.

But the constant humidity of the armpits, sweating feet and palms cause considerable discomfort and inconvenience, their presence plunges us into complexes and depresses. It would seem that cosmetologists have long since come up with antiperspirants to reduce sweating and eliminate unpleasant odors, but in the case of hyperhidrosis, not everything is so simple: these cosmetics hardly help.

Disruption of sweat glands often occurs as a result of stress and nervousness: the more we are afraid to sweat, the more we sweat, regardless of the season and time of day.

And yet to combat hyperhidrosis, you must first find out the causes of this phenomenon.After all, increased sweating can be not only the culprit of wet spots on clothes, but also signal the presence of serious diseases. But about everything in order.

Causes and symptoms of hyperhidrosis

kak_ne_potet_pod_myshkami_1Most of all, both women and men are worried about constantly sweating armpits and legs. Consider the reasons for the enhanced work of the sweat glands. When it comes to armpits:

  • synthetic clothing that stimulates not only sweating, but also increases the unpleasant odor;
  • improper nutrition, an excess in the diet of spicy, seasoned food: the ingredients of all kinds of spices stimulate the inflammation of the sweat glands;
  • failure in the nervous or endocrine disruption;
  • period of pregnancy or menopause;
  • constant anxiety, panic attacks.

Some of us are victims of excessive sweating of the feet, and this happens not only in the heat, but throughout the year. The main culprits of this phenomenon are bacteria that multiply on the skin and stimulate the very “amber”. Having dealt with the causes of sweating, you can find the most effective means to help get rid of the discomfort associated with hyperhidrosis (in medicine - “bromidrosis”) of the legs.

water_1024The smell of sweat in this case can give any unpleasant odors - from sour to specific hydrogen sulfide. And the following prerequisites serve the development of such smells:

  • Illiterately chosen shoes. This includes not only small in size or uncomfortable shoes, but also shoes made of unnatural, low-quality, “not breathing” materials.
  • Overheated feet caused by wearing too warm socks or tight tights.
  • Wearing damp, not completely dried shoes, which creates the effect of a steam room.
  • Sport and physical activity. Being engaged in sports, it is difficult to control sweating. But what can be done - is to choose high-quality shoes for sports activities and observe personal hygiene.
  • Diseases of the skin, the occurrence of fungi, as well as high levels of stress - all this should be treated already with the use of drugs.

Separately, it should be said about the increased sweating of children and adolescents: in the former, it is caused by imperfect heat exchange, interruption of calcium in the body. In adolescents, hyperhidrosis is often the result of puberty, and therefore the imbalance of the nervous system.

It should be remembered that hyperhidrosis can be a precursor of a serious illness, such as:

  • renal failure;
  • diabetes mellitus (with increased sweating in the upper part of the body, and dry skin in the lower part);
  • heart disease;
  • tuberculosis (mostly sweat during sleep);
  • constant humidity of armpits and palms indicates vegetovascular dystonia.

The most common types of hyperhidrosis

fotorcreatedA high degree of sweating is mainly manifested in:

  • axillary areas -axillary hyperhidrosis;
  • on the palms -plantar hyperhidrosis;
  • on the feet -palmar hyperhidrosis;
  • the phenomenon of sweat covering the whole body in a wound degree is calledidiopathic hyperhidrosis.

Increased sweating can also be classified according to the degrees of its manifestation:

  • ateasyhis appearance surrounding most often do not notice signs of hyperhidrosis in a patient, but he himself already feels a slight discomfort from the fact that wet stains on his clothes can reach 10-15 cm in diameter;
  • averagedegree is already characterized by greater stiffness in the behavior of hyperhidrosissince during the day he needs to change his clothes several times (especially in hot weather), and the diameter of the wet spots in the armpits rises to 20-25 cm;
  • atheavythe manifestation of hyperhidrosis, the sweat flows down in streams all over the body of the patient, spreading an unpleasant odor and marking on the clothes with huge stains, as a result of which others try to avoid contact with the patient.

Increased sweating: who to contact with hyperhidrosis?

medicinskiy_rabotnik_1As soon as you notice that ordinary hygienic procedures and the use of simple cosmetics (antiperspirants) do not have the desired effect, and you continue to sweat profusely, you should consult a specialist. But the question arises: which doctor go with such a delicate problem? Choose:

  • try to visitdermatologist: in case of primary hyperhidrosis, he will most likely prescribe an effective antiperspirant or physiotherapy (radiation therapy, iontophoresis, electrophoresis);
  • visitingcosmetologist, which will offer you to solve the problem, having made Botox injections into the armpit zone, you will forget about hyperhidrosis for half a year, or even more. Expensive, but effective.
  • surgeonmay advise you to remove the sweat glands in the armpit zone in order to eliminate discomfort. After such an operation, patients feel great relief, but not everyone risks falling under the surgeon's knife for the sake of such comfort.

apparaty-dlya-lecheniya-gipergidrozaAnd yet, at the slightest suspicion that hyperhidrosis is not an independent disease, but the result of some serious illness, you should make an appointment with your general practitioner who will definitely give you tests, such as:

  • general tests (blood, urine);
  • blood chemistry;
  • a blood test for HIV and hepatitis;
  • definition of thyroid function;
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland;
  • electrocardiogram;

Already, based on the results of the tests, you will be referred to a specialist with a specific profile, depending on the disease that you suspect (endocrinologist, TB specialist, oncologist, neurologist or cardiologist).

How is hyperhidrosis treated?

1462270830_inekcii-botulotoksinaCure hyperhidrosis can be a variety of methods, including such as:

  1. Surgical intervention, by excision of the sweat glands.
  2. Cosmetic solution of the problem with injections of special drugs that block the release of sweat.
  3. Taking medications to help improve the emotional state of hyperhidrosis, and, accordingly, reduce perspiration;
  4. The use of cosmetic products from the allocation of sweat with high efficiency;
  5. Traditional methods of reducing sweating, based on the use of herbs, decoctions of them and other methods that escaped sweat a few decades ago.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis at home

Without referring to a surgeon or cosmetologist, you can choose a medicine that will ease the condition, choose a suitable cosmetic product, or apply “traditional therapy”. And if none of these tools fully helps, apply an integrated approach.

We will dwell on the methods that can be used by any of us who have noticed the problem of excessive sweating.

Effective drugs from excessive sweating

how_to_get_rid_of_the_smell_of_sweat_under_the_arms_1Note that before you prescribe a particular drug for hyperhidrosis, it is better to consult with your family doctor or a district therapist, in order to avoid negative consequences from using the medication.

So, the main pharmaceutical means, the purpose of which is to reduce the degree of sweating, are such groups of drugs:

  • begin treatment with sedative drugs of plant origin, the action of which is aimed at normalizing the emotional state, reducing nervous excitability. You can start with non-addictive medicines — Valerian or Motherwort tincture, belladonna extract tablets, such as"Bellaspon", "Belloid", "Bellantaminal". These drugs are able to resist neurosis, irritability and neurogenic disorders, which very often turn out to be provocateurs of excessive sweating.
  • Depending on the cause of hyperhidrosis, a specialist may be prescribed a course of more serious tranquilizers. These tools are used if excessive moisture in the armpits is a result of constant stress and psychological stress. Excessive sweating effective"Diazepam", "Gidazepam", "Fenazepam"that help eliminate anxiety and fear. The course lasts no more than 2-4 weeks, and drugs are dispensed in pharmacies strictly on prescription.
  • anticholinergic drugs that affect the productivity of sweat glands and inhibit their function. This reduces the sweating as a whole. Effective enough drugs such asClonidine, Oxybutin and beta blockers. But long-term use of such drugs can be fraught with overdrying of mucous membranes, frequent constipation and problems with urination (after all, this is a serious intervention in the excretory system of the body).
  • quite effective treatment with antiseptic and disinfecting drugs such as"Formagel"and"Formidron","Urotropin" and Teymurov's pasta,which are applied topically with cotton swabs, and the result from their use is visible immediately and lasts up to 2 weeks.


Cosmetic drugs for hyperhidrosis

021The best cosmetic drugs for excessive sweating are considered antiperspirant deodorants such as:

  • Dry dry- liquid deodorant (production - Sweden), eliminating perspiration, without disturbing the natural processes in the body. Armpits, feet and palms remain dry for several days, even after swimming.In this case, the tool allows sweat to go out in a normal volume, completely eliminates odor, is applied only 1-2 times a week. It is important to strictly follow the instructions: apply the product only before going to bed on the skin of the armpits, which was shaved at least 48 hours ago.
  • Maxim- gel antiperspirant (manufacturer - USA), absolutely hypoallergenic, and one bottle is enough for almost a year. The pattern of application is the same as for Dry dry.
  • Odaban- deodorant spray, which can be applied to all, without exception, sweating areas of the body, including during pregnancy. It not only eliminates hyperhidrosis, but also minimizes its effects (diaper rash and irritation), which are constant companions of increased perspiration.

And although these drugs are considered cosmetic, in a regular store you are unlikely to meet them, so go straight to the pharmacy.

Significantadvantageall of these tools is their highest efficiency (about 5-7 days of dry armpit after a single use), ease of use and efficiency (enough for 3-7 months), anddisadvantagescan be attributed to the relatively high cost and high content of metals, clogging the sweat glands in the composition of drugs

It is the last factor that most often scares women, and they are afraid to buy these funds, fearing that their use could be fraught with serious diseases.

We invite you to familiarize yourself withreviewsthose lucky ones who have already tried the effects of the above drugs on themselves. Statistics show that 95% are satisfied with the use of these magic tools.

draj-draj-3draj-draj2maksimmaksim1odabanodaban1In addition to these tools, there are also cosmetic products that can be purchased at a regular or online store. And if your hyperhidrosis is mild, you can begin its treatment with their use, without resorting to the “heavy artillery” in the first stages.


How to cure hyperhidrosis by folk methods?

vannochka-dlya-nogWhen excessive sweating is very useful procedures that can be easily performed at home, using the universal, invented and approved by the "people" compositions:

  • chamomile decoction with the addition of baking soda;
  • tinctures on vodka from horsetail or walnut leaves;
  • decoction of oak bark with the addition of lemon juice;
  • lavender oil;
  • boric acid.

We swab the cotton swab in any of these products and treat excessively sweating areas every day, preferably several times.

Prevention of hyperhidrosis and its consequences

185dbc6c2d17d9475d77abf43b6acdbcTo control the manifestations of hyperhidrosis is quite real. To do this, stock up on such means that reduce sweating and neutralize such an unpleasant odor:

  • alcohol or vinegar - wiping their feet or putting them on the armpits, you dry the skin and eliminate most bacteria;
  • talc or powder - will absorb moisture;
  • antibacterial soap - eliminates the smell of sweat.

In addition, if you have noticed manifestations of hyperhidrosis in your legs, make sure that:

  • wash your feet at least twice a day;
  • have a pair of flax or cotton socks with you;
  • change or wash insoles more often;
  • use foot creams with a deodorizing composition.

As we can see, hyperhidrosis is completely defeated, you just need to choose "your" method of healing and forget about the discomfort associated with excessive sweating for a long time.

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