Toy turntable

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It so happens that you went somewhere with a child (to the village or the countryside, for example) and forgot to take toys with you. And to entertain the baby still need. In order not to give the phone to the child or other items that you need yourself, you can do something out of scrap materials with your own hands. Turntables (also called the paper weather vane) will be your magic wand. In any sandbox such toy will be accepted with a bang.

toy turntable

To make a spinner toy, we will need a skewer (you can take any twig, culinary skewer, sushi stick or wire), a sheet of paper (ordinary printer paper will do, but beautiful colored cardboard toys are much more interesting and interesting), wire (or very durable thread) and bead.

toy turntable

How to make a turntable from paper?

toy turntableDivide the paper into 4 parts (as shown on the stencil). Cut and bend. Further we pass a wire or a thread through the center. From the outside we will leave the bead to look beautiful, and the pinwheel would hold on tight.The remaining end is wound onto the stick with wire and fastened tightly. If you make a toy not in “field” conditions, then wrap a skewer with a beautiful ribbon.

Such a thing can be attached to the handlebars or the trunk of the bike, as well as to the wheelchair. Children love to watch the wind spinning their spinner toy.

toy turntable

toy turntable

toy turntable

toy turntable

Children can enjoy even the simplest toys, so they will definitely appreciate this funny craft.

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