The Witcher film (2017)

The Sean Daniel Company announced the release of a full-length film based on the universe of Andrzej Sapkowski, in 2017. The exact release date is still unknown, but the shooting will start very soon.

It is worth noting that the company that will produce this project has already managed to release several successful films, including parts of “Mummy”. Its official representatives are Sean Daniel and Jason Brown.

This American company is not the only one who decided to invest in the Witcher story. So the Polish organization of Platige Film’s also expressed a desire to take part in the creation of this feature film. For their part, the progress of the filming process will be followed by producers Jaroslav Savko and Peter Sykora.

About the film

The saga of Andrzej Sapkowski was taken as the basis for at least one movie and the television series of the same name, as well as a series of computer games that are in demand among advanced gamers. No wonder that there was finally a person who decided to do the adaptation of these amazing and mystical works.The film “The Witcher” 2017will be based on the works of the Polish science fiction writer, such as “Lesser Evil” and “The Witcher”, which are included in the series of stories about the Witcher “The Last Desire”.

The creators of the picture assure that even considering the similarity of the game and the film, practically, there will be nothing in common between them. The plot will be completely new, with new actors and stories.

The Witcher 2017

Also, the authors stated that they will try to use computer graphics less, and they will focus on real people, surroundings, nature, although they do not exclude that the exterior and overall design will turn out to be somewhat close to the game.

Many are sure that the successful premiere of the film “The Witcher” will mark the beginning of a whole cycle of films and TV series on an identical theme. As stated by the studio representatives, the Witcher saga is quite able to move a little from such a popular series such a game as “Game of Thrones” from the pedestal of popularity.

The area in which the shooting will begin is not yet designated, although the creators claim that they will not leave Europe. Perhaps it will be a neighborhood of Poland, Belarus or Ukraine. It is here, according to Baginsky, the most beautiful Slavic landscapes.Yes, and shooting in this area will help save some costs. It is known that the budget of the picture fluctuates within $ 30 million, and this means that the project can be regarded as low-budget.

Although even such minor costs will be compensated by the audience recognition, if the creators can display on the screen the atmosphere and identity that is present in all the works of Sapkowski.

Cast and Director

2017 film The Witcher

The director's chair of the film of 2017 went to the Pole Tomash Baginsky. This animator has already become famous with the short film “Cathedral collection”, published in 2002. Surprisingly, the film was even nominated for such a prestigious award as Oscar. In addition, he filmed two introductions to the games “The Witcher” and “The Witcher: Assassins of Kings”. And the picturesque teaser for “Cyberpunk 2077” for CD Projekt RED is also his handiwork. Therefore, there is no doubt in his experience and talent.

As for the script, he was entrusted to Hollywood screenwriter Tanya S. John. She worked on the films “Chicago on Fire”, “Grimm” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Work on the script has already begun, a little more and it will be completely written.To date, the latest adjustments are being made.

At this stage of creation is still very difficult to talk about the cast. No official information has been received yet about who exactly will play Geralt, but it is already known that this person should be as close as possible to the computer “witcher”.


plot of the film The Witcher 2017The film script is kept in the strictest confidence. Although if it is based on the works of Sapkowski, you can expect anything. After all, each of his work is notable for its spellbinding effect, interestingness and attractiveness. It remains to hope that many frightening and unexpected moments will still be transferred to the screen, as the organizers say.

Polish studio CD Projekt RED, which developed a series of games, will not take part in the filming of the picture, and in no way is not associated with this project.

Who is Geralt

This man is a fictional character in the The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. He has all the qualities inherent in this man: endurance, strength, agility, courage.

Geralt has some superpowers, and also deftly handles the sword. His goal - the monsters, flooded the neighborhood of the motherland.The hero was raised by witches from Caer Morhen. They gave him all the knowledge that they had. And with such a superpower Geralt confidently walks through life and destroys Evil.


In 2001, Marek Brodsky released the eponymous film “The Witcher” based on the stories of the same Andrzej Sapkowski. A year later, a television series with the same name appeared on the screens and Brodsky also worked on it. But both of his projects were not crowned with success, because they were too different from the original works.

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