The movie Batman 2018

Warner Bros. Studios continues to create the cinema universe, based on the DC Comics comics. Although the film “Batman vs. Superman” was adopted ambiguously, the release of new films is planned to be speeded up. In 2018, the story will be released about Batman. The creators promise a rich script and a whole heap of villains.

Make a film offered to Ben Afflek. By presenting a film about Batman to the society, the film studio hopes to beat the competition - the Marvel Captain Marvel project. The brainchild of rivals will also appear in 2018. It is already known that the movie about Batman will be a separate project, and not a continuation of the story of Batman and Superman. It is likely that Ben Affleck will act not only as a director, but also as a leading actor.


The first details about the filmmakers team are already known. The directors are Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Joe Manganiello, J.K. Simmons. Affleck has already established himself as a talented specialist. In 2013, he directed the film Argo, which received several awards. Including, "Oscar" for the best film.
The movie Batman 2018
DC Comics creative director Jeff Jones is working on the script. His company is Ben Affleck. Script writers promise that the film will claim a lot. It is worth watching a film about Batman for the sake of saturation of the picture. We tried to make history as complete as possible, add all the classic rivals of the main character. And one will be the main, while others will appear in separate episodes. Fans suggest that the plans - to create a storyline about the hospital Arkham, or turn to the film 70s. It shows a team of enemies who are united by hate.

Fans of Batman await the appearance of characters on the screens that were missing from the Nolan trilogy. Among them - Riddler, Mr. Freese, Penguin, Joker. In addition to being filled with supervillains, they promise to reveal detailed information about the fate of Robin. After all, it was not for nothing that his ruffled costume appeared in Batman v Superheroes. Other details are kept secret.

Time for the story of batman

While the release date of the new film is unknown. But the film studio promises to present it in 2018, after the “League of Justice”. By the way, during this period two more films will be released - “Flash” and “Aquamen”.First, the premiere was scheduled for November to compete with "Captain Marvel." Then the date of departure was moved to October, and then completely moved to spring. Therefore, Batman fans expect a new motion picture in early 2018. But it’s too early to talk about exact dates.


But waiting for the film to be released, one can hope for a short time. A separate film about Batman - a priority for the studio Warner Brothers. The project was considered so important that they decided to complete it even before the appearance of Aquamen. Since he is scheduled to be shown on July 2018, the story of Batman can be expected earlier.

Main characters and actors

While unknown to the cast of the new film. It is discussed only that the main role will be given to Ben Affleck. This actor joined the famous franchise back in 2013. It is also known that the superhero in the picture will be the only one. Ben Affleck debuted in the new role in the movie “Batman vs. Superman.” Although the new film was criticized, the audience was satisfied with the actor's play. The next picture, where the star will appear - “Justice League”.

The image of the supervillain Dafstrouka embody Joe Manganiello. He is known to the public for the films “True Blood” and “Spiderman”.Perhaps it will appear in the film "Justice League." It is planned that Defstrouk will become the central villain in the new “Batman”. The names of other characters and which actors will still be involved, is not disclosed.
Trailer in Russian - the first thing that fans are looking for stories about Batman. However, the video has not yet appeared even in English. And the project itself is under development. Since they plan to present the film in 2018, the first teaser is expected no earlier than 2017. Besides, it is not yet known exactly when the film will be released.

Batman Solo: the plot

Ben Affleck mentioned in an interview that he plans to make an original story. But the plot will be based on comics. The most interesting moments will be surely reflected in the film. However, the script will make sure that Batman fans could not predict the development of the plot. However, when shooting films about superheroes, there are always two ways - a new story based on famous moments or a presentation of comics in beautiful processing. At this time, the audience is waiting for the second option - first in the cinema, then online.

The DC Comics comic character, Batman, first appeared in 1939.For his appearance, you need to thank the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. It is believed that it was Finger who made the main contribution. According to the original version, Bruce Wayne, the billionaire and the ladies' favorite, became Batman. In the costume of a bat superhero is sent to fight the criminals. The first video about the character appeared in 1966. Since then, the history has repeatedly been filmed, including in Russian.

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