Etozh delirium of some kind (words of Pozdner) The man with his "professionalism" is clearly moving away from reality! Perhaps for Pozdner some kind of “one of the three copies of the Magna Carta in 1215 existing in the world would be interesting there,” but for an ordinary person there is no ANY interest in this “charter” (to know about it and not to know wants), but the architecture of the cathedral, its BEAUTY, the same clocks that Petrov mentioned with Bashirov CLEAR AND INTERESTING to ordinary people! The same Stonehenge (located 13 km from Salisbury) is of interest to ordinary people not some kind of "professional side", but just curious to see what the whole world knows about, well, and then can show friends, boast "I've been here" "recording" (photos). As for the “professionalism” of the interview, “professionalism” creates a quality picture, but leads away from REALITY! It was a simple interview in people who not only never gave interviews in their lives, but also fear the attention of the press; they don’t want to be seenit's a stressful situation for them! And if Latener cannot understand this and argues his “I do not believe” with such statements, now it is completely clear why Latter is so far from reality! He is not able to understand it because of his "professionalism" (driven into PATTERNS).

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I don’t know how about Victor, but I somehow (in the commentary on the link, there are few comments) spoke about this topic. And if Victor expressed something like this (and if this is the Victor), then this is the rare case when I can agree with him. I explained my position enough (in my opinion) in the comment provided. Here I will add the text from the link in the comments:
Meat preparation. This is the main and only reason why grind (cetacean dolphins) are killed on the Faroe Islands.
Climatic conditions and remoteness from mainland Europe do not allow for an efficient supply of food throughout the year. Therefore, in the Faroe Islands they grind once a year. The number of carcasses is strictly dependent on the population of the Faroe Islands, which is increasing very slowly.
Slaughter Grindov looks quite bloody, because it happens right in the bay. This is a natural and convenient place to drive. Further, the mined meat is distributed among all the islanders, which allows people to get the nutrients that are so important in these latitudes.
Just as in Russia, many local people of the northern regions, eating the meat of elk, bears and cows, - on the Faroe Islands eat grind.
Often, opponents of the bloody images from the Internet, accuse the Danes (all, moreover, and not just Faroese) of excessive cruelty, and sometimes mystification and adherence to the ancient bloody customs. But at the same time, they forget that the number of grind carcasses slaughtered on the Faroe Islands is thousands of times less than the number of carcasses of beef breeds of cows that people in large cities get for sale on the shelves of shops and markets, and then on their tables every day department of any store nearby and see for yourself).
The truth is that people get their food in the way that is most convenient for them. It is not possible to drive the Greens with a whip into a stall, like cows and bulls on a dairy and meat farm.By the way, such farms in the Soviet Union were built throughout the country and were very good sources of milk and meat for the Soviet people.
The holiday for the Faroese people is that they will finally stock up on fresh meat, the reserves of which have been long gone from the past. It is not surprising that the islanders treat this process with deep respect - their lives depend on it.
Charges of cruelty are just political propaganda. And not only vegetarians are accused, but in general all the people on whom these terrible pictures act. However, it is worth noting that this movement against the Faroese is a bigot. Including vegetarians. People are quite ready to put up with milk and meat farms, poultry farms and herds of sheep that are located near their cities, but will gladly wash the bones of some remote part of Europe, accusing any European of cruelty.
It is time to face the truth - most people are predators. And thanks to this we survived in this world. Refusal from meat is not a simple filosovskaya and food problem that has not yet been resolved.Try to stop eating the meat of cows and birds, and, perhaps, in time, the food industry will reach a new level. People will eat mostly mushrooms, soybeans and algae, forgetting about previous generations of meat eaters as a terrible nightmare. But for now, we live in such a society, and therefore it will be correct not to be horrified by these pictures. Just stop buying meat (and what will your hungry husband say to this?).
I will only add that this action is ANYTHING no different from slaughtering cattle in slaughterhouses! And if you eat meat dishes (IN ANY KIND), then ANYTHING is no different from the Danes you are trying to condemn (covered only by taking shops and not taking part in the slaughter of the cattle themselves, but this is a weak excuse if you think about the essence !) And the following topic looked strange on this background, about how a snowmobile crushed a wolf (at first they chased a wolf, then unsuccessfully tried to shoot it, and then "saving a man" was crushed by a snowmobile. And we approve of it (well, the wolf is dangerous for a man - No more dangerous the beast than a man!). Then the vegetarian came to the defense of the wolf, did not like the fact that she cursed the people, so they wrote a whole article about what "what vegetarians can be evil" and that they say not to eat meat doesn’t mean to be kind, humane .
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The topic posted 2 videos.ATTENTION- QUESTION! Why is the video showing ONLY ONE PARTY - protesters? And the second (islanders) is shown only when slaughtering and frying meat. At the same time, only one question is asked, do they think that they can so destroy all the grindas. But on this account (about the reduction of the population of the Greens), even the first party cannot say anything. Why the second side was not asked a SIMPLE AND NATURAL question - WHY do they do it? Is it a tradition? Or maybe just a source of survival?
P / S2
The theme of whaling in NORWAY! A photo and video from the face of the Greens in Denmark! It is necessary to separate the "grain" from the "chaff". Pictures should correspond to the realities, but not increase the degree of emotions with their bloody (and so on).

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