The main advantages of tiles

One of the main advantages of a soft tile is its convenient application on cattle roofs of a different configuration and complexity. For example, in those places where there are bends, domes, dormer windows. Enough of the smallest slope of 11-12 degrees. On the roof a slope angle of less than 18 degrees throughout the entire roof is advised to apply a lining coating that provides good waterproofing. In the event that the slope is less than 11 degrees, in this case the chance of roof leakage is great. The use of lining carpet along the entire perimeter of the roof surface ensures its complete tightness even with such a slope. This tile is settled on a solid smooth flooring. For the base you need to use moisture-resistant plywood, and dry edged or stamped board.

Before laying tiles, install ventilation and air conditioning systems. Refer to the experts, they will help you find the right components, and climate control system. Naturally, automation is much better, the temperature and microclimate in the house and its premises will be maintained.

But even steep (about 90 degrees) parts of the roof of shingles can be covered. It is necessary to designate, in contrast to the prevailing majority of other roofing materials, soft shingles in most cases do not need to be supplemented with special elements used to cover the roofs.

Among the shingles are indicated tiles with a bitumen base and the top layer consisting of a thin copper sheet. The tile with similar adaptations is almost not afraid of corrosion and can serve extremely long. Still, over time, these copper plates are covered with a patina, the copper first turns black, then turns green, taking on a particularly presentable appearance. Patina is also a real protective layer for adjacent layers. If you do not want to wait for aging tiles, you can immediately buy specially aged tiles. Bituminous tiles, with a copper cover, can be scaly and rectangular in shape, as well as different formats. The ductility of copper helps to tile the roof of any pattern.

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