The largest meat-packing plants in Russia

Every year on the production market go outmore and more enterprises. The main share of food supply in Russia is kept by large meat-packing plants. Of the medium-sized enterprises that make up a small competition, only half remained. Moscow enterprises are gaining popularity, whose production is started relatively recently.

From the history of meat-packing plants in Russia

With the collapse of the Soviet Union,changes in the Russian meat production market. The inflation rate in the country increased rapidly, and the prices for meat products followed. Salaries of citizens, despite their constant indexation, did not meet the required cost of production. Because of this there was a decline in demand for meat products. The problem for enterprises was the depreciation of current assets, moreover, the overdue for loans was incredibly growing and ended only towards the end of the 90s. The largest meat-packing plants of Russia tried to support production thanks to directed financing from the authorities. Small and medium-sized factories only felt serious losses in the Russian production market.

Meat packing plants in Russia

The role of Western producers

The resulting situation in the country led to exportsproducts from Western manufacturers. Shop counts were filled with cheap meat of poor quality. From the end of 1992 there was an additional importation of worn out equipment from Germany and Poland for the production of meat products. By the beginning of 1996, this led to a glut of markets with low-quality products. After a certain period of time, there were associations of enterprises in the Russian meat processing market. Privatization, carried out in the early 90's, covered such large meat processing plants as Cherkizovsky and Mikoyanovsky.Assets of enterprises were acquired by private owners. Small factories, in view of the lack of foreign investments, were often declared bankrupt, or they produced products at a loss.

Meat packing plants in Russia

Current situation

A rather serious stage of modernization sinceLast century, the meat-packing plants of Russia passed. The process of both production and marketing of the final product is developing. Reducing inflation over the years has helped to strengthen the position of the largest enterprises. In addition, there is an increase in the discoveries of new meat-packing plants, which cause demand for meat products from the population.The largest meat-packing plants in Russia

Despite the fact that the main crisis situations withyears have been forced, yet in the meat-processing industry there were significant losses. The situation was strengthened only by large meat processing plants that managed to organize the replacement of obsolete equipment, as well as to increase the assortment of meat products. Meat factories in Russia have a very high demand not only among the citizens of their country, but also in foreign countries. Each enterprise produces products according to its own recipes and under its own brand, in order to attract the attention of the buyer. In the conditions of severe competition, cases of struggle for the laurels of the winner in the meat industry are not uncommon. But the main factors that enterprises can miss are the quality of manufactured products and adherence to sanitary norms and rules. Not every plant can adhere to these rules; therefore, only those meat-packing plants that are honestly fulfilling the stated requirements can hold a stable position in the Russian market. We should pay tribute to the Russian manufacturers, whose products are confirmed by strict evaluation and quality. About them and will be discussed in the future.

The oldest

The first to consider Mikoyanovsk meat factory, whosethe history of existence in the sphere of meat production began from the end of the 18th century. According to historians, slaughterhouses were located at the site of the enterprise. Before the October Revolution, a whole production of slaughter of livestock and sale of meat products was formed on the lands of the village of Graivoron and separate settlements. It was to these places that the butchers moved, who later, with the support of the Moscow authorities, formed the most real meat estate. At the end of the 19th century, merchant shops were replaced by attracted city funds in the amount of several million rubles. By the beginning of the twentieth century, there were refrigeration units, access railroads, water pipes for irrigation of land.

Mikoyanovsky meat-packing plant

In Soviet times in the early 30-ies the people'sCommissar A.I. Mikoyan, together with specialists from Soyuzmyas, visited the United States to exchange experience in the meat processing industry. In the same period, new plant hulls were built for making sausages. There were well-known brands "Tea House", "Doctoral", made according to GOST. During the Great Patriotic War, the meat factory actively supplied the front with meat products. To provide food for the rear workers, new types of products were created. The money was spent on the creation of military equipment for the Soviet army. In the 90s, the Mikoyan meat-packing plant received an investment to modernize the equipment from the holding company "Exima". In the 2000s a large combine was launched in the field of meat processing "Euro EM" with the latest technology of product development.

Meat processing plant from the far Ural

Yekaterinburg meat-packing plant is anotherthe oldest enterprise in Russia. Production of meat products started in 1939. The plant took part in the supply of wares to the front during the Great Patriotic War.

Yekaterinburg Meat Processing Plant

Nowadays, modern technologies are used to produce meat products.

Kuban manufacturer

Meat combine Medvedovskiy can be consideredthe largest producer of sausage products. The history of the plant began its countdown in 1962. For such a long time the company has moved from traditional to the most advanced technologies. Meat products made by Kuban producers are of high quality.

Medvedovsky meat-packing plant

By 2010, the newestsausage factory with highly efficient equipment. In connection with this, the output of sausage products increased by more than 200 species. The raw materials used are own for the enterprise. The combine is also a laureate of various Russian exhibitions.

Malakhovsky meat-packing plant

This enterprise began itsmeat processing activities since the beginning of 1990. Malakhovsky meat factory has come a long way from a small slaughterhouse to the largest organization. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of sausages and semi-finished products. Currently, the enterprise uses new equipment supplied both from Russia and from abroad. To maintain the expiration date of the products, packaging lines were launched into the gas medium and vacuum. The daily rate of productivity reaches 60 tons. Stamps of sausages are developed by Russian specialists in accordance with GOST. At the plant there are also exclusive developments together with colleagues from Austria. The raw materials consist mainly of beef or pork. The specialists of the enterprise are attentive to the quality of the products being produced, the slaughter shop is given special importance in the preparation of meat.

Premium products from the Klin meat processing plant

More than a hundred sausages are produced by this enterprise. The assortment includes both smoked and boiled products. More than 30 kinds of semi-finished products are produced. Manufacturers have achieved the highest evaluation due to the demand not only in popular institutions of Moscow, but also in central regions. The use of a new slaughter shop allows you to refuse purchases of frozen raw materials from abroad.

Klin meat-packing plant

In Soviet times the enterprise underwentpermanent reconstruction of workshops, the opening of new laboratories and the replacement of obsolete equipment. Since the end of the 90s Klin meat-packing plant receives registration for compliance with the requirements of GOST. Due to the large turnover of meat products, which is more than 50 thousand tons per year, the plant is one of the best meat-packing plants in Russia.

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