The easiest recipe for a sand pie with currants

Sand cake with currants is a drop of summer, even if baking is created in winter days: the fresh taste of the berry, its rich color and the airiness of the dough will return the gourmand for a short while on warm summer days.sand pie with currantThe aroma of summer and the fragility of the dough, "like sand," will create a vivid sense of inner warmth that will not be able to destroy even the fierce frosts raging in the outer world.

Necessary ingredients for pie

Simple products will be required. It:

  • 2 eggs;
  • 300 grams of cream;
  • 400 grams of flour;
  • 300 grams of black currant;
  • 200 grams of butter;
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of cold water;
  • an incomplete glass of sugar;
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Cooking pie with currants

Short pastry is prepared according to the classicprinciple: the butter is mixed with flour and half the norm of sugar to the characteristic mealy crumb, then the eggs must be divided into yolks and proteins. The first to send to oil, and the second to postpone. To the oil add water with lemon juice and re-rub everything, kneading the dough. It should not be liquid or too floating, then the pie will lose its fragility and become "rubber". That's why the addition of liquid should be treated with caution: add not all at once, but gradually.pie with currant from short pastry

In order to easily roll out a tender dough ina thin layer, it should be put between two layers of food film. It is necessary to roll out a thickness of not more than three to five millimeters, so it is necessary to act cautiously and leisurely. Transfer the dough layer to the mold, winding it on the rolling pin, and straighten the edges, making low edges. Put the form in a cold place so that the dough begins to breathe - this is a necessary condition for a short-dough.

To make a stuffing, you need to beatcream with the remains of sugar until lightly thickened and add currants to them. Important point: the berry should be dry, so it should be dried with a paper towel before cooking.

Baking and serving to the table

Dough in the refrigerator should not be less thanhalf an hour, then you can get it and pierce it with a fork in several places. This is done so that it does not bubble and retain a flat shape, because the dough sheet is rolled up rather thinly. Top with a currant filling, if necessary, smoothen with a spoon and send it to the oven, already heated to 200 degrees. The cake with currants is not for long, only 20 minutes, so do not yawn and cover on the table.

To eat pies of this kind better fully chilled, even from a refrigerator, then a combination of a cream of currant and light dough will surpass all expectations.

Grated cake

Open cake made of shortcake with currants - it's great. However, there is an option more unusual in appearance and amazing in taste. For grated sand pie with currant will require:

  • two glasses of flour;
  • 150 grams of butter;
  • half a glass of sugar;
  • two eggs.

For the filling you need currant, whether fresh or thawed, take a glass with a pie with currant from short pastry

The dough is prepared without any frills: Mix all the ingredients, except flour and currant to a homogeneous consistency. To make it more convenient to do this, the oil is rubbed on a large grater or chopped into crumbs. Next, flour is poured into the mass, and a soft but not flowing dough is kneaded: it is more like plasticine than gruel-mash.

The resultant lump of dough is divided into two parts: more and less. From the first to separate 1/4 part and to postpone, the remained, stretching with fingers, to stretch on the bottom of the form for baking, covered with parchment. From quarters, roll out the pie edge with a height of about two centimeters, and send the smaller part to the freezer: it is necessary that it freezes to a very dense state. The form with the rolled out test too to put in a refrigerator for half an hour, then to get and pour out in a deepening berries of a currant. Sand cake is not in vain called grated: on top of the berries you need to grate a large grater frozen dough, making sure that the chips are distributed in a uniform layer.

Bake a cake in the oven,temperature of 180 degrees, it will take about half an hour. Serve to the table is better chilled, so it is easier to cut, without loss of shape. A cake with currant from a short pastry, and with a glass of fresh milk or a fragrant tea made from peppermint, is a terrific start to the day! The wandering smile of rapture for a long time will confuse others, lost in perplexity: what happened?

Caloric content of pie with currant

Pie with fresh currant from short pastryis considered dietary, since in 100 grams of this dessert (option number 1) there are only 210 calories, according to the second recipe version and even less, therefore it is safe to include in your morning or afternoon diet a piece of such a fragrant dainty without fear for the figure.pie with fresh currant from short pastry

Such desserts are very fond of children,unconsciously feeling the use of currants and the rainbow mood, which carries this magic berry. In winter time, it is one of the main suppliers of vitamin C, which keeps the immunity of the child at altitude, not allowing harmful influenza viruses and ARVI to penetrate into the cells.

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