"The disheveled sparrow": a short summary. Paustovsky, "The disheveled sparrow"

In his works Konstantin GeorgievichPaustovsky told us how to love nature, animals. This is not at all moral, the writer simply tells various stories about animals, plants, birds. After reading these works, I want to protect our smaller brothers. We hope that Pavstovsky would approve this short content. "The disheveled sparrow" is an interesting and touching story, and we will try not only to convey the plot of the work, but also to help the reader to make sure that a large noble heart can beat in a small bird body.

Acquaintance with Masha

In front of us is the room of a little girl. The author was able to reliably describe the situation, so the reader can easily mentally move to where the story begins.

The clock on the wall struck 8 times. This iron smith struck his anvil. From this episode begins the story itself and its brief content. Paustovsky, disheveled sparrow, Masha - the author's surname, names and nicknames of the main characters will sound in the retelling quite often. But you will remember them well.

An hour passed, the smith who was growing fromtoy soldier, hit his anvil 9 times already. It was at nine in the evening that the nanny put Masha to sleep. She did not want to go to bed, so she was quiet, so as not to wake the nanny, dozing on the couch.

paw of the disheveled sparrow

Masha stood near the window and thought about her mother, whowent to the theater. There the woman worked - danced. The girl remembered how big the theater was, with the columns. Upstairs, on its roof, cast-iron horses tried to stand on their hind legs, but they were held by a man with a wreath on his head. These figures are on the building of the Bolshoi Theater, which means that the girl's mother served as a ballerina there.

Papin's gift

The work "The disheveled sparrow" continuesthe girl's memories of her father. Thanks to them, we learn that during the Great Patriotic War he was at the front, served on the ship, bravely fought with the enemy.

At this time Masha's father was in Kamchatka and had to return only in the spring, and the events of the story take place in the winter.

Mom girls in 2 days had to perform the party of Cinderella. My daughter has never been to the Bolshoi Theater, but the woman promised to take her to the premiere.

Recently, the mother took out of the chest a small bouquet,made of glass. Her husband brought this brooch as a gift to his wife from a distant country. He wanted a beloved woman to pin a souvenir on Cinderella's beautiful dress, when the heroine of the fairy tale would dance in the palace.

Mom put the brooch on the table and strictly ordered her daughter not to touch her. The girl was obedient and looked at a beautiful little thing only from afar.

It would be interesting to know how to write a shortcontents Paustovsky. "The disheveled sparrow" is a story not only about this bird, but also about the people with whom its fate linked it. Therefore, the author, retelling his work, also probably would have introduced the interlocutor to the girl Masha and her parents, would tell about the glass bouquet, which in the plot plays an important role.

The thief

disheveled sparrow review

In addition to positive heroes, there is a negative in the tale. There are not many of them - just one crow, but she caused a lot of trouble not only to people, but to a small sparrow.

In the meantime, let's return to the moment when Masha standsnear the window and looks through it to the street. She saw a gray crow, she also looked at the girl. It turns out that the bird knew the daily routine of people. Nanny Petrovna always ventilated the room for the night, so she opened the window. While she was taking the girl to wash, the cunning bird penetrated into the room and quickly took what was bad. Wet footprints and missing things eloquently spoke of the fact that an uninvited guest visited the room.

Petrovna, having returned, saw traces of her staycrows, and they started with Masha, which this time the thief took away. While she took only pieces of sausage, sugar, biscuits. These supplies were hidden by the bird in an abandoned stall, in which was her lair. In the cold the food froze and could be stored for a long time, so the crow did not threaten the famine.

Further, the reader will acquaint the noble hero of the work with a brief summary.

Paustovsky, "The disheveled sparrow": brave Pashka

Thus, the crow provided itself with ediblestocks. But sparrows were sometimes forced to starve. Previously, people were riding horses. Around these animals it was possible to eat oats, so it was easier for birds to survive the cold winter. But now vehicles have become different - people traveled by cars, buses, so sparrows had a very hard time in winter.

disheveled sparrow

It is not surprising that the feeling of hunger was borne by a sparrowby the name of Pashka in the stall. He did not even have time to swallow even a crumb of bread, as he was immediately caught by a crow. She was bigger and stronger than him and knocked Pashka with her beak on the head. But the sparrow was intelligent, he pretended to be dead, otherwise the evil bird would just finish him off.

And so the crow threw Pashka out of his house. He fell on the snow, but remained alive. Here is a written Paustovsky story. The disheveled sparrow lay barely alive on the snow - it was bad for him, his head ached after the crow's beak. But the poor fellow was lucky, a policeman approached the stall and saved him, putting him in a warm mitten and taking it with him.

Pashka finds a house

On this day, Petrovna and Masha were walking near the stall. The policeman approached the girl and asked if she needed a bird. She answered in the affirmative.

the work of a disheveled sparrow

The girl was very caring. At home, she smoothed feathers on the bird, fed them, gave them drink to the poor fellow. And a disheveled sparrow remained in the warm house. A response about his savior Paschka could leave the best, of course, if he could write. But the little bird was trying to come up with more suitable ways to thank his savior.

Pashka was not all the time in the house. When he wanted to, he flew away, but then came back with gifts. Sparrow decided to restore justice and quietly took away from the crow what she had stolen. Extracted Pashka brought in the house to the girl. But she was not happy about the withered caterpillar, the candy wrap, the stale piece of the pie.

However, soon the sparrow was able to bring something to which Masha and her mother were very happy.

Treasured bouquet

When the nurse once again opened the window forairing, the crow dragged a priceless for the family thing - glass flowers. Seeing the loss, Mom and Masha cried. The ballerina left for the theater in a depressed mood.

Then Pashka assembled a team of sparrows, and they hardly, but could take away a bouquet from the thieves.

Sparrow disheveled sparrow protagonists

At this time, the nanny and Masha were watching how beautifulCinderella is dancing. But she was very sad. And at that moment a sparrow appeared on the ceiling, which was holding something in its beak. It was the same bouquet. Pasha opened his beak and the cherished brooch fell right in the palm of the ballerina. Mom pinned a bouquet on her dress and became the happiest. On such a joyful note Paustovsky finishes his story.

The disheveled sparrow, the main heroes-people - Masha, mother, policeman - cause the reader only positive emotions. The girl and the policeman saved Pashka, and he in return made the girl's family happy.

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