The debut of Acura NSX 2017 will be held in Los Angeles

In November 2015, at the Los Angeles International Automobile Show, a presentation of the production model was heldAcura NSX 2017. The creators managed to combine in this model all the advanced technologies that should increase the performance of the model.

Modern high-tech design, designed to reduce aerodynamic drag, was designed by Acura Design Studio. Today, the manufacturer is preparing for the start of production of this car and the start of sales in the spring of 2016.

The main “trick” of the NSX is a unique fusion of a car and a person, due to which a supercar reacts immediately to every command or action of its owner.

This model is a non-standard hybrid vehicle equipped with an all-wheel drive system, created in Ohio, by a modest company of Honda engineers and designers. The long work "shoulder to shoulder" so made them friends that they treat each other like relatives and consider themselves as one big family.

The creators of the new cars in 2017 sincerely hope that fans of this brand will appreciate their creation. Work on the project was about three years, all this time the creators have not seen their loved ones.

Exterior of the long-awaited news

Acura NSX 2017 specifications

Professionals managed to produce a balanced and at the same time original appearance. The NSX body is distinguished by standard wide and fairly low proportions, as well as sharp edges that reinforce the bold and aggressive exterior of the new product. Moreover, the exterior of the rear lights resemble the first generation of the model, highlighting the continuity of the car.

A big plus is that the designers did not give preference to the utopian BMW i8 futurism or the Italian typical appearance, but chose the classic traditional angularity.

The snub-nosed body of this incredible car in tandem, with a long and wide wheelbase, speaks about the average placement of the motor, and also makes you see it on each side, not to disregard every slit.

Attracting the attention of the nostrils of the front air intakes, conceal the condenser and radiators of the air conditioner, and installed on the sides of the air vent, provide air flow cylinders and intercoolers of the power unit.

Car 2017

The original version of the 91-year-old car was equipped with folding door handles, and in the NSX 2017 version, it is possible to use swiveling countersunk wands, like those of Aston-Martin cars.

If you open the bonnet, you will get an overview of the chassis components made of aluminum, as well as a small luggage compartment with a capacity of 114 liters, which is located behind the power unit.

In general, we can say that the appearance of the model in 2017 turned out just amazing, the car is distinguished by its serious, aggressive look. A bold face will brightly highlight a car while driving in a city traffic, and hundreds of passersby cannot help but focus their attention on it.

Technical equipment Acura NSX 2017

Acura NSX 2017 sports car photo

NSX engineers have shown a desire to make this car suitable for daily use, but this concept is clearly not suitable supersensitive control, which changes the direction of movement of the machine from each dimple or tubercle on the roadway.

The gear shift speed or the steering sensitivity cannot be adjusted to suit your desires, so in all driving modes you will have to get used to the parameters that the brave team of engineers picked up.

The new car under its hood will have a DOHC V6 biturbo powerplant, which will carry out twin work with a nine-speed gearbox equipped with dual clutch and three electric motors, one of which will produce 48 hp. and assists the power unit at the time of sharp accelerations.

The remaining electric motors mounted on the front axle distribute energy to the right and left wheels. The peak power of each electric motor accounts for 36 hp

Car 2017

The new DCT transmission (nine-speed) provides instant gear changes, exactly matching the speed of the motor. The rear electric motor, fitted with a direct drive, installed between the transmission and the motor, supports gearshift, braking and acceleration.

The NSX uses front electric motors for dynamic transmission of torque, as well as to increase the braking and acceleration features of a sports car. As a result, the driver can get maximum pleasure from the complete lack of delay at the start from the spot.

The total maximum power of this car is 573 hp , and the peak speed was recorded at around 307 km / h.

In the Sport mode, the multi-stage gearbox is more lively shifted to higher gear to reduce fuel consumption. In the most economical mode, when the revolutions of the power unit are in the range of 2300-2700 rpm, the fuel consumption for a distance of one hundred kilometers is 11.5-11.9 liters.

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