The best recipes for Dungan cuisine

Each mistress dreams to please her family andguests with a rich table with incredibly tasty dishes. It is especially pleasant if you manage to pamper the dishes of different nations of the world. Today we will immerse you in the world of the East. And we will teach how to prepare the best dishes of Dungan cuisine. Let's talk about this people and its difficult history. And also we will share the best recipes of Dungan cuisine with a photo and a step-by-step description.

Who are the Dungans?

Dungans are an incredibly hardworking and patient people who live in the territory of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. These representatives of the young nation are descendants of the Chinese-speaking peoples who adopted Islam.

Dungan cuisine

There is quite an interesting legend,associated with the emergence of the Dungan nation. Once the Chinese emperor dreamed of a terrible monster, desiring his death. In a dream to cope with this monster he was helped by an unfamiliar youth dressed in green robes, which simply disappeared after the battle. In the morning, calling all the wise men and interpreters of dreams, he ordered as soon as possible to explain to him the meaning of sleep. The sages easily explained to him that the monster in a dream meant the enemies of the empire, and the young man is a new religion (Muslim), with which help to avoid bloody wars.

The emperor sent ambassadors to Arabia with a request forassistance. Persian and Arab warriors helped the Chinese fight the nomads. And the marriages made with Chinese women gave rise to a new ethnic community - the Dungans.

For three days after the wedding there was a ban onreceiving complaints from the parents of girls, about where they were taken from their daughters. Only on the fourth day they were allowed to see their now married daughters. Since then, and to this day, a custom has been introduced, according to which, after the wedding, the bride's parents bring chopped noodles, snacks and meat.

Dungan cuisine

Cooking takes a special place in the life of the Dungan. The call of every Dungan woman is to be a neat and good hostess, able to cook all the national dishes. Even when choosing a bride, they first carefully find out if she knows how to cook, only then they begin matchmaking.

From the photo of the Dungan cuisine simply drooling -national drugs look so appetizing, that immediately I want to cook every dish. All this thanks to not only delicious and natural products, but also a special principle of cleanliness in the kitchen "gandine", which means that the kitchen area must be dry and clean.

Dungan cuisine recipes

An obligatory condition for Dungan cuisine isits separate location from the living rooms. No mistress will leave untilled dishes for the night, which, according to existing beliefs, draws an unclean force into the house. Recipes Dungan cuisine - a delicious combination of meat, vegetables, spices and rice. Of meat, preference is given to lamb and beef. In the following sections, we will look at the recipes of Dungan cuisine with a photo.

Main course - rice with meat and vegetables

In Dungan cuisine rice takes a special place, which is often even replaced with bread. Among the variety of rice dishes on the national menu, there is one that is most often preferred.

For its preparation, boil the rice, whichshould be thoroughly washed and cleaned before cooking. Dungans use a very interesting way of cooking rice - to begin with, pour water into the cauldron and put a grate in it, covered with cloth from above. On the cloth pour rice, tightly close the boiler and cook on a small fire for not more than half an hour.

Dungan cuisine recipes with photos step by step

Welded rice is laid out in a portioned guestbowls for each guest. On a common plate lay out snacks for rice - these are vegetables stewed with meat, and salads from fresh and pickled vegetables, and also sauerkraut according to a special recipe. And already from a common plate each guest puts only what he wants in his piano.

The recipe for the Dungan lagman

Dungan cuisine has a rather large number of dishes with homemade noodles. There are several recipes of the branded lagman, we will focus on the most popular.

Dungan cuisine recipes with photos

To make noodles you need 1 kgflour, a tablespoon of salt, a couple tablespoons of oil and water. It is necessary to knead a tight dough, then very thinly roll it out and cut into noodles. For the sauce, fry 250 grams of fresh mutton, cut into small pieces. Add to the meat a couple of onions, cut into half rings, and 8-9 Bulgarian peppers. Fry the vegetables until the onion is golden. Add 3-4 tomatoes, fry for a few more minutes, then pour a glass of water. Stew meat with vegetables for a while and remove from heat. Served with a sauce for noodles in a combination of garlic-pepper seasoning.

Mantas in Dungan

Another common dish of DunganThe kitchens are manta rays. To make a dough, use the same recipe as for noodles. The filling for manti is prepared from mutton, cut into small pieces, chopped onions, melted interior fat and salt. The ratio of meat and onion - 1: 1, meat and fat - 1: 0.1.

Dungan cuisine

From the test, form small balls of the same size aswalnut, roll out the thin cakes and fill them with stuffing. Beautifully pinch the mantles and cook them for a couple until ready. Serve them with tomato sauce or peppery seasoning.

Sweet tea

Since the Dungans are very strict about the drya law established inside its people, their favorite drink is sweet tea. Prepare such a drink right in the cups, pouring one spoon of tea leaves and the same amount of sugar. Pour steep boiling water and allow to brew. Such tea is always served after dinner or other meals.

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