The benefits and harm of garlic

July 6, 2018
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Garlic has not only a good composition, but also a mystical past. From the evil eye, as well as a variety of unclean a few centuries ago, garlic was hung over the door. Only when viewed from a scientific point of view, no one can prove that garlic can save from otherworldly forces, but here it is well endowed with healing properties. By purchasing winter garlic from you will get rid of many health problems and will find a reliable friend in this fight against ailments.

The benefits and harm of garlic

What is the use of garlic?

Since garlic is rich in minerals and macronutrients, then, of course, it can bring many benefits to the body. Adding garlic to food can prevent many diseases for healthy people, as well as cure already existing people.

Helps in digestion.

No wonder cooks in all cuisines of the world add garlic to fatty foods, especially to roasted meat. Not everyone knows the fact that garlic helps in the digestion of heavy for the stomach food.

Lowers cholesterol.

Scientists at many universities in the world have found outthat garlic helps in the fight against cholesterol, therefore, moderately and regularly using garlic, you can normalize blood pressure and get rid of cholesterol.

Польза и вред чеснока

Increase performance.

Since ancient times, gladiators and slaves ate garlic, as it increased efficiency. Also, he was eaten by athletes, as he helped them to become strong and resilient.

Help with menopause.

Garlic helps with menopause. In a woman, during a difficult period in her life, her bones suffer and her immunity decreases. This will help her garlic, because in its composition there are the necessary substances that will help to fight the unpleasant effects of aging.

Man's health.

It's no secret that zinc is in semen, and selenium protects the prostate gland. And, of course, in garlic, in large quantities, contains both zinc and selenium.

If a man regularly consumes garlic, then after a while his male health will increase.

What is the harm from garlic?

Harm garlic can bring only from the abuse of the product, as well as to people who are contraindicated in this product.

In no case should garlic be abused, it’s enough to eat two cloves a day, otherwise there will be heartburn, and the pressure will rise sharply.

Польза и вред чеснока

Garlic should not be consumed by people who suffer from gastritis, stomach ulcers, hepatitis, nephrosis, and also breastfeeding women.

We must not forget that after heat treatment, most of the useful enzymes are destroyed, so it is recommended to eat garlic raw.

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