Ramadan 2018

Among the many religions that exist in the world, the most common are Christian and Islamic. Some historians claim that both faiths have a common root - Judaism. It is no coincidence that they have many similar features and laws. However, if we already know a lot about Orthodoxy, then we know little about Islam and its holidays. Today, our conversation will be about one of the most important dates of the Islamic calendar - Ramadan.


This is one of the five major holidays of the Islamic religion. Ate to be exact. Ramadan is the month during which Muslims hold their mandatory post.

In which month is Ramadan in 2018

It is clear that the sacred time is annually, but the beginning and the end of this holiday may fall on different months. This is due to the feature that the Islamic calendar has.

The fact is that Muslims live by the lunar calendar. Each month begins with a new new moon. It is known that the year on the moon is somewhat shorter than on the sun, so the month of Ramadan begins 10-11 days earlier than on the usual calendar.

In order to find out exactly when it is time to fast, you need to inquire in advance when the month of Ramadan begins.

Muslims are currently living in different parts of our planet, which means that the time of the new moon in each region will be different. So, the beginning and end of Ramadan in the UAE will be different than, for example, in Russia.

Astronomers have already calculated in advance what date the month of Ramadan in 2018 will be:

Part of the world The beginning and end of Ramadan
America 16.05.18 – 14.06.18
Eurasia 15.05.18 – 13.06.18

Different Muslim countries have different ways to determine this date, so the beginning of Ramadan may be different.

What is the meaning of Ramadan

With fasting and all kinds of restrictions, Muslims show their loyalty to Allah. By such actions, they are trying to overcome in themselves all the negative things that can cause evil. In Islamic religion, this negative beginning is called “nafs”. In Arabic, the name of the month sounds like “hot”, although Ramadan can be in different months. A prerequisite for all these days is daily “niyit”, and the consumption of food and water between the prayers that occur in the evening and in the morning. Violation of the “Saum” conditions is not allowed.

Restrictions on food mean nothing without the purification of the soul. Lawful Muslims these days should not allow sinful thoughts and completely reject all kinds of entertainment. This time is set aside for:

  • Quran readings;
  • distribution of handouts, both mandatory (“zakat”) and voluntary (“sadaka”).

Ramadan 2018

In the ninth month of particular importance are:

  • doing good deeds;
  • pilgrimage.

In Ramadan both obligatory prayers and voluntary (“taravih”) are performed.

What is forbidden in Ramadan

In the post is not allowed:

  • consume food and liquids during the day;
  • smoke tobacco, hookah and other mixtures;
  • make sexual intimacy.

At the same time allowed:

  • unconscious use of water and food;
  • bleeding and injections;
  • bathe, brush your teeth without water;
  • kiss.

For violation of fasting and punishment. So, for example, those who did not refrain from eating during Ramadan should choose a different period for this. A believer who performs sexual intercourse, in the holy month, is obliged to hold a three-month fast or feed sixty poor people.

Ramadan schedule

Every day in the month of Ramadan must begin with the intention - “niyata”.Thus, the believer declares his desire to make a fast. Without reading such a prayer, fasting is considered invalid. After that, Muslims make a morning meal, which is called "Suhur." It must take place before sunrise. Next comes the Fajr prayer, the obligatory namaz. After sunset, you can have a nightly meal - “ifar”. After it comes the time of reading the prayer - “isha”. After it, voluntary prayer (“tarahih”) is recommended, which continues until the morning. During the night prayer, every four “raakats” are replaced by listening to the imam and praising Allah. "Taravih" is carried out either independently or in a group of believers. The value of the voluntary and mandatory namaz is the same.

The last days of Ramadan for Muslims are the most important. Many believers spend most of their time in mosques. Solitude in the mosque is called "itikaf". Before it begins, a vow is made and then the Quran is continuously read.

On the twenty-seventh day of Ramadan comes the "Night of al-Qadr." At this time it is supposed to repent of sins.

Ramadan 2018 in Russia. What date

What kind of food is allowed

Food is allowed twice during Ramadan.“Sukhur” is performed in the early morning before sunrise, and “Iftar” - after the sunset of the Sun, before “dua” - the night prayer. Eating should be started with water and dates. The food itself should be light and contain mostly vegetables and fruits. It is forbidden to overeat and eat everything, especially heavy, fatty and high-calorie foods.

To break the "sunna" of the prophet Muhammad (fasting) can:

  • minors;
  • elderly and sick;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • travelers (they are allowed to perform Saum after returning);
  • believers who cook for the poor.

It is considered a great sin to skip the post of “Uraza” without good reason. A believer who did not perform “Saum” due to illness or other reasons for Ramazan must choose another day and fast or give alms to the poor.

If a Muslim does not observe fasting, he is still prohibited in crowded places:

  • eat food;
  • drink;
  • chew the cud;
  • to smoke;
  • listen to music.

These rules are covert in places where Muslims live.

The month of Ramadan ends with a three-day holiday of breaking apart. “Uraza Bayram” Muslims begin with “id-namaz”. This prayer is pronounced only twice a year.After its completion, all believers begin to say each other the words “Eid Mubarak!” And congratulate each other on the holiday. In this “Blessed Holiday”, it is customary to set rich tables and invite close relatives. Everyone is having fun and giving each other presents and sending greetings.

Gifts Accepted by Muslims

Usually, it is customary to give presents to Uraza Bayram. This may be the Quran, prayer accessories, souvenirs associated with Islam, national clothes. Women are given shawls, scarves, hijab, cosmetics, and various decorations. Children are treated to sweets and given toys and, of course, books describing stories from the Quran.

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