The advantages of plastic windows

Metal windows have a large number of advantages over windows produced from other types of materials. In this article we present only the main ones:

• Minimum amount of care costs. To care for them requires only periodic cleaning with detergents. Mechanisms of accessories require lubrication, which can be carried out no more than once every six months.
• No need for special treatment. They do not need paint coating or any other treatment. At the same time a large number of color options available;

• Metal-plastic is durable. Windows undergo rigorous testing of strength and durability, which ensures a high service life;

• Metal-plastic windows are not sensitive to the process of rotting, rusting or corroding. They are highly resistant to external factors.

• There is no possibility of deformation of the structure during long-term operation.Unlike wood, metal-plastic does not change its geometry as a result of drying.

• Metal windows are rigid. The composition of the profiles include special additives that give durability and rigidity. They are ideal for use in harsh climates.

• They are characterized by low fire hazard. Metal-plastic ignites only as a result of intense exposure to an open source of fire. Moreover, it is classified as a material that causes the process of self-extinguishing.

• As an advantage, you can also note the low cost. Due to its physical characteristics, metal-plastic has durability and therefore does not require special maintenance, which entails savings.

• Highly effective protection. Metal-plastic meets all standards that are put forward in the harshest climatic zones.

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