The 2018 symbol

Before the onset of 2018, there is still a lot of time, and many are not eager to find out what year they are replacing after the Year of the Rooster. Probably, the human psyche is arranged in such a way that it constantly requires something new. From February 2017, we lived under the auspices of an ambitious bird, and now it's time to ask about the year of which animal awaits us ahead.


What will be the year

To find out who will be in 2018, you need to look at the Chinese calendar. In it, each period corresponds to a certain animal. A total of twelve. In addition, each year according to the eastern calendar is assigned one of the five elements:

  1. water;
  2. Earth;
  3. Fire;
  4. metal;
  5. tree.

Each element represents the processes occurring in nature and man. Animals and elements alternate in a certain sequence so that a year with the same characteristics can be repeated only once in sixty years. Each subsequent animal is endowed with characteristics in accordance with the dominant element. They are also assigned a certain color and energy.

So, based on the Chinese horoscope, 2018 is the year of the dog. As for the elements, the next year will be dominated by earthly processes.

The color of the animal is determined by the zodiac circle and corresponds to yellow. Golden or yellow in Eastern mythology is associated with power and prosperity. No wonder that it was the color of clothes worn to know China.

Solar color identifies:

  1. power;
  2. fame;
  3. achievements;
  4. fertility;
  5. stability.

Patron of the dog is the light yellow planet Saturn, which gives this sign energy. This means that 2018 will contribute to a better disclosure of human potential and the achievement of results, and will also predetermine the course of events.

The dog in the circle of the zodiac is represented as a trigon of action, therefore it gives a person such qualities as:

  • adventurism;
  • emotionality;
  • bright temperament.

The sign of the year stimulates creativity and helps to move forward. The animal has yang energy, is located on three peaks of the Triangle of Spiritual Kinship and occupies 11th place in the zodiac circle.

The 2018 symbol

In this year, according to the eastern calendar, people are born honest and striving for a dream.The earth element is inherent in Virgins, Taurus and Capricorn. They possess:

  • dedication;
  • stubbornness;
  • practicality;
  • earthiness;
  • inner concentration;
  • leisurelyness

All this contributes to the implementation of the most daring projects, the creation of strong marital and business ties.

Yin energy gives people such qualities as:

  • sincerity;
  • sensitivity;
  • intuition.

People of this sign on the Eastern calendar are different:

  • a heightened sense of justice;
  • desire to help people;
  • insight;
  • loyalty.

Among the negative characteristics can be mentioned:

  • vanity;
  • irritability;
  • imbalance;
  • irrepressible eloquence;
  • aggression.

Thanks to the strength of spirit, courage, ability to protect their interests, representatives of this sign in 2018 will overcome any obstacles to achieving the goal.

What will bring 2018

If the previous two years were characterized by turbulent events in political, economic life, as well as on a personal front, then the earth element of 2018 will help:

  • stand firmly on your feet;
  • adjust the logic of action;
  • reduce emotional heat.

2018 dog year will be different:

  1. specifics;
  2. prudence;
  3. stability;
  4. material benefits.

Throughout the year, you can implement the most ambitious plans.

Dog not inherent in:

  • empty promises;
  • laziness;
  • infantilism.

The 2018 symbol of the eastern calendar

Those who show diligence, initiative and be honest will definitely get lucky. In achieving the goal awaits them:

  • luck;
  • outside help;
  • friends support.

2018 year dog lucky for:

  • the beginning of a new activity;
  • starting a business;
  • creating a family.

The energy of the sign contributes to changes in all areas of human life. Any attempts to change the usual way of life, work, study, etc. run out great.

As for love and family relationships, the year will not be easy. Unbalance can lead to a rupture of relations. Couples who have not been able to find mutual understanding over the past few years will break up the fastest.

One should not assume that the year as a whole will pass smoothly and without significant complications. Takeoffs will be replaced by falls. The energy of the earth will leave its mark. It will not give quickly and fully change the motion vector. Because of this, not always everything planned can be implemented. It will be much easier for representatives of fire and air signs.
In the future, 2018 there will come moments when it will be necessary to sacrifice principles and make compromises. Most often it will be cash issues. The difference of views, as well as approaches to work will force a change in tactics in business. Conservatives, accustomed to working in the old fashioned way and not wanting to change something, face big problems.

The stellar configuration suggests that:

  • problems in the economy go to the background;
  • major international conflicts will end;
  • there will be a revival in finance;
  • there will be a rotation in the political elite;
  • the mood in the country will noticeably improve;
  • you can begin to dream of the future.

How to meet the year 2018

To attract finances, everything is important:

  • how the table is decorated;
  • what amulets are present;
  • Is the outfit right?

More detailed nuances of preparing for the New Year holidays can be found on the pages of our site. And now we offer to watch the video: psychological characteristics of people born in the year of the Dog:

Characteristics of the coming year:

The year 2018 of the dog begins: 02/16/18
Ends: 04.02.19
Who to meet with: Better with trusted friends and in a big company, as a dog is a pack animal
Clothing: Must be yellow or gold
Decorations: Better amber or any other - yellow
On the holiday table: There must be a lot of meat dishes
Festive decoration: A large number of paintings, figures, images of the symbol of the year - a yellow earthen dog
Mood: Must be gambling, fun and relaxed.

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