text for invitations for birthday

text for invitations for birthday

  1. Beautiful poems. It remains to find only beautiful templates for invitations. I found these here:
  2. Mark your main holiday
    I want with you,
    After all, this life of joy
    Always share with friends!

    I'll cook for a birthday
    For friends, I treat!
    You're on a hasty visit,
    Take the mood!

    This bright birthday
    I waited a whole year with excitement!
    Dear friend, do not let me down
    Be sure to come!

    I have a lot of acquaintances and friends,
    But on this birthday I wait for you, my friends!

    My birthday is not far off,
    And this day I would like to meet with you!
    I will wait for your arrival madly,
    To celebrate this bright holiday very noisily!

    Sending an invitation,
    I'm waiting for you on my birthday.
    Secretly I promise -
    We are not bored with you!

    I'm looking forward to
    The most important day of the year!
    Share with me the excitement
    Come for a birthday!

    Time to spend wonderfully, fun and interesting
    I invite you on your birthday, I promise you food!
    Come, congratulate me, I'll just be happy!

    At the threshold is a birthday,
    Waiting in the road for adventure.
    I invite you to nature,
    A noisy holiday I promise!


    Snowdrop tender spread out
    With the first drop I was born
    I invite you for my birthday
    I promise a wonderful holiday

    Leave your work sooner
    Let's have fun (as always)
    The pouring of fine wine
    For happiness we will drink everything to the bottom.


    My dear colleague,
    You rejoice with me
    For the birthday party, come
    His friend cited

    Everything from champagne in shock.
    My birthday is chocolate.
    The glory of the holiday will inflame
    And a long time will be a dream.


    I invite you (thee) to the feast
    Hug soon you (You) I wish
    Let the meeting be joyful
    Sincere let the speeches pour forth.

    With friends I will introduce
    To the brim I will fill the glass
    Until I drop dance
    At the brotherhood of all the kiss.


    Summer is hot in full swing,
    That you were in shock
    I want to invite you,
    To champagne to drink.

    Quite an occasion is not simple.
    For me it's very cool.
    Birthday I want to note
    And welcome all my friends.


    Quickly congratulate with the birth
    Friend of my childhood
    I'll give you jam
    Of the berries of my garden.

    Long time since we have not met,
    But in the heart you are always with me,
    And do you remember how loudly they laughed,
    Returning home from school.

    The boys followed us with a smile
    Coquettishly we took offense
    They dreamed of great love
    They ran to meet their fate.

    Remember the days past
    For happiness we drink love.
    Wonderful years young
    With a head in them we shall plunge again.


    I invite you for my birthday
    A glass of wine you pour.
    Delicious cake to eat
    And I will firmly embrace you.

    Let's dance soon
    Cool time to spend.
    Let's talk wonderfully
    It will be very interesting.


    My birthday is at the doorstep
    A cheerful road awaits you.
    I invite you to the shish kebab in the garden.
    Good evening, I promise.

    Fresh air in the open air
    Berries are plentiful in the garden.
    The flame will burst from the fire,
    In a chorus we shout Hurray! .

  3. respected (aya) - and further the original form of the name
    I have the honor to ask you to share with me my little celebration of the birthday (and then something joking, understandable to your friends)
  4. Birthday with us,
    The mood is just class.
    We invite all relatives
    And friends where are you!

    In this joyful day
    The sun shines brightly
    The table has been covered for a long time
    There are not enough gifts.

    Come quickly
    All friends, friends
    We are waiting for you from Zhdm
    The reason is I was born!

    We will celebrate, walk,
    We will be glad to all of you!
    What would this birthday be?
    Remember with a smile to us.

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Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday Text for invitations for birthday