Tablets "Kanefron": analogues, instructions for use, reviews

Vegetable preparation "Kanefron" has recommendedeffectiveness, accessibility and security. More details about its properties, abilities and contraindications are below. Analogues of "Kanefron" are worthy of competition. Reviews about the drug and its substitutes speak of their high effectiveness in the struggle for a healthy life without pain and discomfort. "Kanefron" is widely used for swelling and inflammation of the genitourinary system, even during pregnancy.

Composition and form of release

The effect of the drug is based on spasmolytic,anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of herbs: a thousand-thousand-pound, rosemary and lovage. Essential oils of herbs dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation. Phenylcarboxylic acids help urine, creating additional pressure in the kidneys. Diuretic effect allows you to get rid of edema, excess salt and, as a result, increased blood pressure.

pills for inflammation

The drug relieves of edema, treats cystitis,urolithiasis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis. Herbal preparation when prescribed in the early stages of the disease and compliance with a diet recommended by a doctor is no less effective than synthetic medicines. And the possible harm from a natural product is much less, the exception is a high allergy of the patient.

"Канефрон" выпускается в виде драже в упаковке по 60 or 120 pieces and a solution of 50 and 100 ml. The solution is suitable for use by infants, young children and adults who experience discomfort when swallowing whole pellets. Chew the drug is not recommended. The liquid form is also preferred because of the possibility of accurate dosing of the medication, which is calculated by the physician depending on the severity of the disease, the weight and age of the patient.

Instructions for use

With signs of inflammation in the form ofDiscomfort in the lower abdomen is prescribed "Kanefron" and analogues. The standard adult dosage is 50 drops (or 2 tablets) three times a day, children from 7 years - 25 drops, from 3 years - 15 drops, up to 3 years - 10 drops. The drug is used for a long time from 2 weeks to 4. After a break of 1-2 weeks it is possible to resume reception.

In the first days of admission,but in no case can not stop taking. Without a full course of treatment, only painful symptoms of inflammation are extinguished. The disease worsens immediately after the end of taking the medicine "Kanefron", the instructions and testimonials to the analogs speak about the same. Any medication requires a systematic treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

"Kanefron" and analogues are not prescribed forindividual intolerance to herbs composition, exacerbation of the ulcer, with cardiac and renal edema, with glucose-galactose absorption syndrome. Instructions for use recommend taking only as directed by a doctor.


Side effects in the form of an allergic reaction (itching, rashes or urticaria), gastrointestinal problems may occur with high sensitivity to the components or weakness of the body in case of illness.

With alcohol dependence, the drug is takenin the form of a dragee, the drops contain a small amount of alcohol. At the same time for driving the car, taking the drug is not a contraindication, it does not affect the concentration of attention.

In the presence of chronic diseases, it is mandatoryConsultation of the therapist before the reception. Combination with antibacterial medicines increases their effectiveness. The cheap Russian analogue "Kanefron" - "Phytolysin" - can also be used in combination with antibiotics.

Special applications

At pregnancy the preparation is accepted only onappointment of a doctor in the form of a dragee in the minimum required dosage. Alcohol solution is contraindicated because of the high rate of absorption into the blood and getting into the fetus.

pain and pain

When breastfeeding, even dragees should be taken withcaution because of the possible sensitivity of the baby to plant components. For minimal ingestion of the drug in breast milk, take it immediately after feeding, and then do not put the baby in more than three hours.

When taking the drug, you need to increase the volumeconsumed water, this is especially important for children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women. Violation of the salt balance due to the diuretic effect of the drug can have a very negative impact on the sensitive organism. Instructions for the use of Kanefron and analogues do not always contain this information, although the item is very important for rapid improvement of the condition.


As mentioned above, the most popularvegetable preparation-analogue - "Phytolysin". The composition is similar, but there are differences in the presence of the root of wheatgrass, onion husks, goldenrod. The drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic action, it is used to treat inflammation of the genitourinary system. It is often prescribed for the treatment of inflammation in pregnant and lactating women.

drug analogs

Synthetic substitute - "Furagin". Contains furazidine, which disrupts metabolic processes in the cells of microbes and relieves pain and inflammation. The price is much lower, but the drug is not recommended for diseases of the digestive tract, pregnancy, lactation, childhood. In these cases, "Kanefron" is preferred, cheap analogues are not recommended.

The choice of the best drug is possible only on personalexperience. Organisms are all different, respond differently to treatment. Self-medication with herbal preparations is possible only at the first signs of inflammation, in the event that there are no chronic diseases. Synthetic medicines should be taken only as directed by a doctor. Instructions for "Kanefron" and analogs are freely available, but the application without seeking a doctor can be dangerous.

Other substitute drugs

The following medicines are prescribed fordiseases of the genitourinary system. They can not be called analogues, since the active substance and the effect on the body are different. But doctors replace the appointment of "Kanefron" with them:

  • "Adenostop".
  • "Amoxisar".
  • "Amoxicillin."
  • "Ampicillin".
  • Biseptol.
  • "Brusnivert".
  • "Gentos".
  • "Zetsil".
  • "Indomethacin".
  • "Ligent".
  • "Lifaxon."
  • "Maksakvin."
  • "Metovit".
  • "Monural".
  • "Noroksin."
  • "Oksamp."
  • "Pipegal".
  • "Polyoxidonium".
  • "Renor".
  • "Rifamor".
  • "Sultasin".
  • "Sumamed".
  • "Taricin".
  • "Timentine."
  • "Uroflux".
  • "Flemoxin."
  • "Furagin".
  • "Cefazolin."
  • "Cystrin" and many others.
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"Phytolysin" or "Kanefron"?

Choosing between "Kanefron" and "Phytolysin", you canconsider only the experience of the previous application. Reviews for both drugs are both positive and negative. The reactions to the herbal preparation are highly individual. With high allergenicity, it is worth paying attention to the composition. Perhaps in this case it is better to choose a synthetic medication.

In pregnancy and breast-feeding, both drugsshould be taken with caution, only by the doctor's appointment, with an assessment of possible harm and the need for admission. Despite the fact that during such a period it is undesirable to take medicines, the development of the disease without proper treatment will be more detrimental to the fetus. And breastfeeding can be saved with the right approach.

"Cyston" or "Kanefron"?

A little cheaper vegetable preparation -"Cyston", too, will be worthy of competition. In its composition, anti-inflammatory diuretic plant components: saxifrage, bi-plodnik stalk, straw solitary seeds, nutrient extract. The drug is used for crushing and removing stones from the kidneys. It is possible to use both means in the complex.

In this case, the only obvious advantage is the form of release in the form of drops, as a consequence - the convenience of dosing and application.

Complex approach to treatment

The effectiveness of medicinal plants is provedcenturies of experience, but do not arbitrarily choose the method of treatment without consulting a doctor. A complex approach is possible, consisting in the combination of the intake of synthetic antibiotics with herbal preparations. Launched cases when a plant can not cope with the disease, arise because of an untimely visit to the doctor.

it is important to follow the drinking regime

A very important stage in the treatment of any diseaseis compliance with the recommended diet and maintaining the body in good physical shape through gymnastics or outdoor exercise. Walking in the fresh air and exercise therapy is shown even by the most seriously ill. A proper nutrition without foods that cause accumulation of salts that disrupt digestion and create discomfort in the digestive tract, will significantly accelerate recovery.

Reviews of "Kanefron" and analogues

Some young mothers, for example, mentionThe fact that when complaints of toddlers on pain when urinating, went to the pediatrician. They were appointed "Kanefron". There were no side effects. Discomfort passed on the second day, but the course of 7 days of drinking is still necessary.

Young girls often recall howcaught cold, fashionable in a short skirt. Pain, stitching, frequent desires started after one walk. For one day of treatment, the pain and pain were passed. But they drank the medicine for at least four more days. Now, however, I dress warmly: female health is more expensive than false beauty.

About "Kanefron" remember and relatives of patients. For example, they assigned him to his mother or an old grandmother. A native man is tormented by frequent desires and incontinence. The course of treatment a month, then a month break, then two weeks of drinking, and two - rested. Elderly people can not always swallow and chew tablets, so drops for them are very convenient.

tests for proper treatment

And what do the doctors say? Choosing a drug to treat the disease, it is necessary to take into account side effects, contraindications, individual features of the body, the price of analogues. Modern antibiotics with the right reception have minimal harm to the body. By refusing synthetic treatment, you are confronted with a high probability of disease progression. The severity of the disease, the type of inflammation is determined only by analysis, only by a doctor. Specialists, of course, advise patients to appreciate their health.

Kanefron tablets are highly effective and goodproven. Analogues of the drug are absolutely worthy of competition, but, unfortunately, may not be suitable for one reason or another. Each organism reacts differently to treatment in different ways, therefore, the appointments for the same disease are different. Only a doctor can identify the exact cause of the disease and prescribe the prescription for the most effective drug in a particular case. Self-medication is not always effective, it can lead to very disastrous consequences.

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Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews Tablets Kanefron: analogues, instructions for use, reviews