Symbol of 2019

Recently, the Chinese calendar has become very popular, so more and more people are wondering what the 2019 symbol will be. Today, much depends on him, starting with the dishes of the New Year's table, attire and ending with the prediction of fate.


What do we know about the Chinese calendar

The Eastern calendar is a kind of lunar calendar, in which each year corresponds to a particular animal and element. The New Year's holiday on the eastern calendar does not correspond to the date of our usual calendar. He comes a little later. This is explained by the fact that the New Year on the Chinese calendar comes at the time of the second new moon following the winter solstice. Usually this date is between 21.01 and 21.02.

Symbol of 2019

In the eastern calendar there are twelve animals in a certain order and five elements. According to an ancient eastern legend, it was in this sequence that the animals came to say goodbye to the dying Buddha. For this, every representative of the animal world received the right to rule the world throughout the year.Each animal alternately resides in one of the five elements that correspond to a particular color:

Earth: yellow
Fire: red
To tree: blue
Water: the black
Metal: white

This forms a complete cycle of sixty years. During this period, each animal has time to be in all five elements. In 2019, the cycle started in 1960 ends.

What awaits us in 2019

The coming year will be the reign of the yellow pig. The color of the animal is fully consistent with the elements of Earth. This means that the mistress of the year will be strongly associated with the material world.

This year will be characterized by such human traits as tolerance and a craving for communication. Everyone will be able to delve well into yourself. Since the elements of the Earth will be present, all the earthworks will be under the auspices of the Pig. Also, the animal will be responsible for everything related to nature. It is desirable that in 2019 more people would be in the open air: in a park, a forest, etc. Encounters on the nature, camping for mushrooms and berries, fishing, beach rest, etc. are welcome. The pig will protect summer residents who love to work on the ground.

According to astrologers, the year 2019 will be successful for those who are going to legalize their union. And it will be lucky for those who have long tied the knot. Those who are going to divorce, the pig will fix all sorts of machinations and problems.

What character traits babies will have

Children born in the Year of the Pig will differ in their knowledge of knowledge. In this regard, excellent researchers and famous scientists will grow from them. Teens will intuitively choose those professions that are related to information and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Of them get good:

  • journalists, writers;
  • teachers, lecturers;
  • experimenters and innovators;
  • scientists and discoverers, etc.

In addition, all those born in such a year will be distinguished by romance and caring for loved ones. As a rule, it is easy to find a common language with such people. True, for some individuals, such traits will be a disadvantage. Some naivety will make them a trick for all kinds of rogues. Scammers and swindlers can easily outwit the gullible pigs. Faced with such situations, wild boars can withdraw into themselves or become incredibly cynical.As a rule, such people are not confident in themselves and in the future.

What color to prefer

The main color of the season will of course be yellow. Although it will be in demand and colors derived from yellow. It can be orange, bronze, light brown, brown, and also the color of ocher. At the same time, the Pig will not like the acidic shades of yellow.

Selecting a New Year's dress, it is necessary to give preference to all the colors listed above, as well as mustard, dark orange and red. Not desirable bright lemon shades. The wardrobe can be supplemented with gold-plated and gold ornaments. Beads, necklaces and earrings made of amber will look good.

In preparation for the New Year's Eve, it is necessary to pay attention to decorating the room. It is better if the new year tablecloth, capes on chairs, curtains, blankets, etc. will have shades of yellow. To even more placate a pig, you need to invite only the closest and loyal friends or relatives to the New Year's Eve. The patroness of the year, seeing your circle of friends, will do everything to make your relationship even stronger and friendlier.

Symbol of the 2019 Yellow Pig on the Eastern calendar

What should be the New Year's table

Astrologers advise you to prepare a New Year's menu so that there are many vegetable dishes, salads and yellow fruits on the table. As for serving, it should be well thought out, as the pig does not like carelessness and excessive pomp.

The country style will also be suitable for the New Year, when the dishes, napkins and tablecloth will be made in a rustic style. You can make a festive composition consisting of spikelets of wheat and wildflowers. It is good if there are wicker vases and embroidered napkins on the table. The patroness loves green grass, so the holiday table should have plenty of all kinds of greenery, ranging from parsley, dill and ending with cilantro, basil and lettuce. In the center you can put a clay bowl with germinated wheat grains. This will especially please the pig, and it will feel like you have in your house. Candles and other attributes should be selected according to the color of the year.

The choice of drinks should also be taken very responsibly. Since tatem does not tolerate drunkenness, it is better to limit strong drinks on the table. Instead of whiskey, brandy and vodka, it is better to choose fine cocktails and champagne.They will enliven the table in red, pink and yellow. Fruit juices will not be out of place.

If you intend to decorate the table with fresh flowers, it is better to choose them red or yellow. It will be very good if there is a figurine in the shape of a funny pig on the table. The table should not be very overloaded, as the hostess does not tolerate crowding.

In order to attract cash flows into the house, you can put a piggy bank in the form of a piggy bank next to the tree and be sure to put a few coins into it before the chimes strike.

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