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Stream of harmony

Suppose there is a problem in the life of a tree.The tree dries up. In the same way as in our life we ​​periodically “dry out”. We seize the lower emotions, do not want to live, it makes no sense and everything else. Someone wants to help the tree. He sees that the leaves of the tree are drying. That is, there were some problems at the leaf level. The branches are leaning already lifeless. And then what does this good man do? He takes a bucket of water and starts watering each leaf. And what, the tree from this will be healthier? This is unreasonable.

But pay attention, this is exactly what we are doing in life. We have some kind of problem: the illness of the physical body or the mental problem, or failure at work or at home in a relationship with a child, or getting married, fail to get out, or get married. And how are we trying to solve this? We are trying to solve this particular problem.This is the same as taking water and watering the drying leaves.Do you understand the idea?

So in order for the tree to recover, what needs to be done? Run after the leaves, these separate problems,trying to change them? All the leaves to collect, throw them? Though you will pour everything, at least five times a day you will pour them, still they will dry on. Why? Because harmony comes from the Higher Whole.And so that the tree recovers, what needs to be done? We need to take a bucket of water and water the root of this tree.from which it grows. The whole universe in which we live, and our whole life "grows" out of the Higher Whole.

There is a source of this. So if you just start acting at this level,performing activities for the Higher Whole, then everything in life begins to harmonize.I want to draw your attention that this stream of harmony goes all the way to the bottom. This is from above harmonized everything absolutely, all personality structures. In the same way as if you water the root of a tree, the whole structure of the tree, each leaf, is harmonized. That is the principle. These are some obvious things that the sages explain, but which we cannot understand in our material consciousness. Because it seems to us, if the stomach hurts, you need to treat the stomach, and not be distracted by God.

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