Stones for Women's Libra

Scales, like no other of the signs of the zodiac,need protection and protection, because it is very difficult for such people to make decisions, choose the right tactics of behavior. Protective talismans and amulets can become natural pebbles, they will help to cope with their own vices and protect themselves from the negative from the outside. Representatives of the air element are often the object of envy, especially for the beautiful half. Stones for Women Libra should enhance inspiration and natural intuition, eliminate causeless anxiety, protect from evil eye.

There are many suitable minerals,capable of protecting physical health and guarding magically, but most suited are three crystals: opal, coral and lapis lazuli. They will emphasize Libra's belonging to the air element, strengthen intuitive perception, help develop natural communication and sociability, find a common language with surrounding people. Stones for Libra women emphasize the natural beauty, protect them from envious people and people who are capable of doing harm.

stones for women's scalesThe best talisman is opal, becausethis mineral is also called the "stone of friendship". For the affable and loquacious Libra crystal will have just right, because it will help to establish good relations with all, make friends with the right people. In addition, opal drives away bad thoughts and sharpens the mind. If the stone makes friends with the owner, it can play the role of a kind of antidepressant. The mineral supports the immune system and attracts love, so it is recommended to wear it to single and unmarried girls.

what kind of stone does a woman weigh?Considering which stone is suitableWeighing a woman, you should pay attention to the coral. Mineral in many of its properties is similar to a mysterious and friendly opal, although it can also bring some of its qualities. Such a talisman will not only promote the development of intuition, but also encourage the owner to rational thinking. On this possibility the amulet does not end, because he is still able to protect a person from negative actions and thoughts of others. All the stones for Libra women must protect them from the machinations of enemies, spoilage and hatred, it is to these that the coral belongs. Mineral improves the skin and digestive system.

scales zodiac sign woman stoneChoosing jewelry with precious gems ina gift to a woman, it is worthwhile to understand the main emotions experienced by Libra (the sign of the zodiac). A woman, a stone for which is bought as a gift, should feel comfortable. It will be just fine if she likes the look of the decoration, and the crystal will also give her protection and self-confidence. To pretty interesting minerals is the attribution of lapis lazuli, the element of air is saturated blue. Stones for Libra-women will lift the mood, help to establish contact with the right people, will provide appreciable support in achieving the set goals.

Of course, lazurite, coral and opal - far from beingThe only gems suitable for representatives of the elements Air. But they give the maximum protection, give confidence in their own abilities. Libra also can buy jewelry with moonstone, diamond, pearls, rock crystal, sapphire, jasper.

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