Soup kalya: features, recipe

Soup kalja - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine, butin our time popular and common it can not be called. In some families, of course, old recipes are kept, and in the menu of Russian restaurants of different countries of the world one can find this name, however, many cooks do not know this recipe.

soup kalea

In this article we will consider the dish in detail. It's worth it to cook it and try it. Many of those who have already mastered the calyx recipe assure that the dish has taken a worthy place in their cookbooks. Perhaps the recipe will settle in yours.

Features of the dish

At the heart of the recipe is a harmonious union of a thick salted-acid soup and fatty fish. An ancient recipe for soup of calyx did not contain potatoes; later this ingredient was added for density and nutritional value.

chicken soup

Prepare the calcium from the brine. To diversify the structure of the dish, salt cucumbers are added to it. It's no wonder that this dish reminds us of the rassolnik. But experts explain: these are different soups, caly, rather, it can be considered a forerunner rassolnika.

Food with a history

In cookbooks, soup kalya began to be described from the XIX century. But the mention of him dates back to the 16th-17th centuries.

The description of the food was given by Dal. According to him, this is a kind of borscht, which also included roast beetroot. However, this component can not be called mandatory, there are many old recipes for caly, in which there is no beet, no carrots.


Traditional soup kalja is prepared from fish. But there are other varieties. In Russia a thick soup was prepared from meat ducks, chickens, black grouse.

And for the broth used not only cucumber pickle, but sometimes even the juice of sauerkraut and even kvass. The sour-salt liquid provided a taste.

Most varieties of fish calyx containcaviar. This component gives the dish a truly unique charm. For the most expensive guests, on a special occasion in Russia, they cooked the caly in general without meat and fish, and with only one piece of caviar. A recipe with a red fish is considered festive.

chicken soup recipe

Products for cooking caly

If you decide to surprise home gorgeousold food, it will not be difficult to find all the necessary ingredients. Fish soup kalya is prepared from fillets of any fatty fish with a small bone content. For example, a halibut is suitable - an inexpensive, widespread and very tasty variety.

Prepare several pieces with a total weight of 400grams. In addition to fish, you will need a bulb, 2-3 small crispy pickles, 50-70 grams of caviar, an incomplete glass of brine. For serving, you can use greens, sour cream, lemon. As in the solyanka, when feeding, you can add a few olives.

If you want the broth to be brighter, it is permissible to put fried carrots, beetroot into it. You can add a small amount of tomato paste and finely chopped potatoes.

You can flavor it with fragrant peppers or any other favorite spices. But salt may not be useful at all.

Cooking method

First of all, thoroughly wash the fish, pourcold water, just to cover the pieces, put on a small fire, covering the lid. When the fish is completely cooked, take it out, strain the broth. Remove the ribs and small bones from the fillets, if any. Disassemble the meat of the fish in pieces. It is permissible to cut it large, and can be divided into pieces the size of a walnut. It depends on the type of fish and your own preferences.

Again, load the fish in the broth, put on the stew. Cut the onions and cucumbers as you like. Someone prefers to grind them into cubes, to someone to the taste of a ring. Add the vegetables to the soup.

In the caly when cooking, you can add a small amount of fresh or dried dill and bay leaf.

Caviar dilute a little water, mix, trying not to damage the eggs. Pour a trickle into the broth, stirring, immediately add the brine.

Strain the caly by a small fire for about 40 minutes. Try on salt, if necessary, salt.

Feed to the table

fish soup

Kalla is a soup with a history, so to withstandstyle, you can serve the table with embroidered napkins and earthenware. Suitable and low pots. In many restaurants of Russian cuisine, wooden dishes are offered for such dishes instead of traditional ones (but this option is not convenient for everyone).

Do not forget about the bunches of fresh greens, young garlic, fragrant home-made bread, Borodino or rye. It is permissible to serve croutons or buns of shu to this soup.

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