There is no late to leave. There is no love by the rules. Fate leads us the way ...
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Soul. My live, and your breathing?

Fate leads us as she believes. There is no right event. Life is like a game of chess, and we are like pieces on a board. And there is no deep meaning here.

There is no late to leave. There is no love by the rules. A cordial friendship under duress. There is no feeling for the right people.Fate leads us as she believes.There is no right event..Life is like a game of chess, and we are like pieces on a board. And there is no deep meaning here.

Each of us in our actions shows the depth and state of our own soul. We absolutely do not care for the lives of other people as long as other people's actions do not hurt us. After all,in fact, there are no good or bad people. Each of us has our own views and principles, which are a kind of measure of our actions. Everything depends on our attitude towards the flow of our own life, which constantly intersects with various circumstances and situations.From our inner state and perception of the surrounding reality.

And that is why, while at this very moment I am in this world.After all, the next moment I know is not given, and not necessary.I speak here and now.I am writing to you and learning myself. Be where you are always waited, and not where you suffer! We are a display of our actions. The road of our lives is the result of our chosen goals and aspirations. No matter how trite and stupid it sounds, but we have what we have. And we are where we are! We get not what we want, but who we are !!!

My soul is a joy that I shore.And when my second “I” leads me by the hand and gives what it gives, I do not feel fear and doubt. After all, who as not a soul, can illuminate me with light and hope. The soul has no age, but only a state!

When you fall in love, the whole world turns upside down. Gloomy gray days disappear, and in their place come unique moments of each new day. This feeling is reckless and uncontrollable. It rolls like an avalanche and ignites the whole soul.

Those who love us, we are sometimes repelled by their indifferent attitude. Those who are ready to get us the stars from the sky, we do not appreciate. It is not because I or you are in some way selfish or bad. We are all humans. And sometimes we in a quiet love do not have enough burning passion.And then our subconscious desires become reality. After all,love is a kind of game.This is a light flirtation and at the same time burning views. This is the tension of the whole body with trembling knees. This is the intrigue of each new meeting. This is when there is no longer the strength to go, and carelessly abandoned phrase attracting a person gives strength and energy. Age, height, weight, appearance do not play any role.

We are going to meet those people who set our hearts on fire.And the outer shell is an emptiness, you just do not pay attention to it. Pulls the soul, not the look. In my dear person, I like everything from the top of my head to the nails on my fingers.A happy soul has no age, but only a state of happiness and tranquility.

Often we see people of different ages with a normal appearance in simple clothes. But, sometimes we can not pass by, so as not to look back and smile, not to look into shining eyes. Something attracts us to such people. And this is somethingsimply called "Happy Soul

Is it possible to love one and fall in love with another? Of course, anything happens in life. I will tell by example. I love my husband and sincerely respect.But it so happened that I met a man older than me by 20 years. And fell in love without memory, to shiver in my knees. I am drawn to him like a magnet. And I do not even know if it is mutual. And even the fact that this love only on my part is not a hindrance to my feelings.

In his every word I hear some kind of understatement and a hint. And even the usual phrases he said make me happy, lift my spirits. I want to sing to the whole world.This is the flight of my soul.Yes, you can love one and fall in love with another. There is nothing unnatural about it. Sometimes, in a quiet love, we do not have enough drive. The person as if plunges into a dream, and the love brings awakening and energy.

Fall in love means betray?We are given one life in this life. Every second we make decisions about this very life. Even the failure of any decisions is also the choice of each of us. What is completely acceptable for some, is categorically not acceptable for others. There is nothing wrong with that. I do not blame myself for my feelings towards another man. After all, love is not treason in the physical and spiritual terms.This kind of admiration for another person.

Nobody says that you need to leave your family, divorce and leave. The first time of my reckless love I went crazy. Cried a lot. She considered herself a traitor. My soul just hurt. I blamed myself, my soul and heart.Until one morning I woke up and realized that I was making myself unhappy. Your attitude to the situation. Well, in love, well, sometimes it is life. And I'm just a mortal.We are all human, we are not gods.So why am I, who is trying not to condemn other people, so condemned myself?

And because I plunged into everyday life so much that I stopped noticing the world around me.I have forgotten how to enjoy simple things.I forgot how warm the sun is, how pleasant the wind is in the summer heat. I became less and less likely to talk to dear people. Life passed by me or I by life.

Whether it is worth saying that falling in love with a completely unsuitable for me and an unnecessary for me man changed everything in me. Changed me in everything.This is the answer of the universe.. My soul answered me simply and clearly.Love is a wonderful and bright feeling that you need to take care of somewhere deep in your heart. And perceive as the message of heaven

Indeed, thanks to this feeling, each cell is filled with joy. And life begins to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. It is only necessary to treat this feeling correctly and accept it as a gift from heaven. Understand that love passes quickly. And it depends only on us what remains after it - a scorched desert or a pleasant memory.

From time to time we all lack some bright emotions and new sensations. I realized that there is no world richer and brighter than the one that is in the depths of our Soul. It does not need to search, we ourselves create it. I write the word "Soul" with a capital letter, not because it is so great and significant. And becauseThe soul is the light that illuminates our life path.. And the more we love, appreciate, and believe this light, the brighter it will shine.

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