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Very often in everyday life we ​​come acrosswith such a concept as communicability. It can be various ads about finding friends, partners, job offers and so on. Most often, using this term, people mean the ability to communicate.

For many employers, the ability to effectivelyinteract with others, and most importantly, the desire to do so, is the determining factor when hiring. Many professions are connected precisely with communication, whether it be telephone conversations or direct contact with clients. In addition, we must not forget about the team. For the effective work of any company, understanding and goodwill among co-workers is important.

A sociable person is always genuinely interested in the social life and affairs of each individual member of the collective. To do this, it is enough to execute a few simple rules:

  • always greet colleagues and say goodbye;
  • do not be shy and do not be lazy to answer and ask questions;
  • listen carefully to the interlocutor;
  • express their ideas and actively discuss them.

What is communicability? This is not just the ability to communicate with people. The main thing is that after the conversation people have a positive impression of you. In order to find out how successful you are in this matter, answer a few questions:

  1. In the event of a conflict, will you insist on clarifying all the circumstances, even if this can lead to a deterioration in relations with colleagues?
  2. Is it a challenge for you to prepare a report and address it at a meeting or meeting?
  3. If your colleagues express an erroneous viewpoint in a well-known question to you, will you object and insist on your own?
  4. Are you nervous before a business meeting?
  5. If a stranger on the street asks you how to get somewhere, would you be willing to help without being annoyed and angry at the same time?
  6. Once you get to the party, do you always gather friends and acquaintances around you and carry them with jokes and interesting stories?

If you answered all or most of the questionspositively, then you can consider that communication is your trait, and communication with you delivers to others a pleasure. Otherwise, you need to think about solving problems. From the current situation, there are two ways out. The first is to find the appropriate job and continue to be silently embarrassed by people, and the second - to work on yourself.

The development of communication skills is a simple process. The main thing is to set a goal and gradually approach it. The following rules will help you achieve the desired:

  • have fun with communication;
  • never avoid communication;
  • try to start the conversation on any topic;
  • develop facial expressions, intonations and so on;
  • look at the world with optimism.

Man is born absolutely helpless. All the skills and knowledge he acquires during his life. This also applies to the quality of communication. It is a skill that helps people to coexist, enjoy life, to gain new knowledge, to know the world.

Working on yourself every day, you will learn to find an approach to any person, to form friendly or business relations.

When recruiting for work, every potentialthe employee is interviewed. It is very important to make a favorable impression at the same time. Try to be calm and friendly. You need to prepare a story about yourself in advance. Also indicate the issues you are interested in (working conditions, salary level). Do not hurry to spread all the information about yourself. Excessive talkableness, as a rule, is not welcomed. Listen carefully and in no case interrupt the interlocutor.

Readiness, and most importantly, the ability to communicate always work in your favor.

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