Simple pillow in the bedroom

Posted by21.08.2017

Do you think it is difficult to sew a pillow with your own hands? Whatever you answer - it's even easier than you think. Provided, of course, that you are satisfied with simple, but pretty decorative pillows with fringing and soft filler.


We will tell you how you can easily and quickly sew without a pattern and from the most simple materials a very nice accessory for a bedroom or living room.


Choose thick and natural fabrics if you want to get a durable product and do not bother too long with sewing. Non-natural material may not suit your typewriter, and all efforts will be in vain.

What do we need for one pillow?

  • two pieces of fabric measuring 50 * 50 cm (optional)
  • filler: synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, etc. (you can razderbanit old pillow or blanket)
  • edging 210 cm (take with the stock)
  • zipper (optional)


How to sew a pillow?

Fold the pieces of fabric with each other face down. You can pre-tackle them so that they do not move out during sewing.

Line on the machine, retreating from the edges of approximately 0.7 cm. We leave a small hole to unscrew the pillowcase (or a larger hole to sew a zipper). If we use a zipper, we sew it at this stage.

We undertake the edging. We fasten it manually to the turned-out pillowcase. Just sew around the perimeter where the seam is made. The hole is still not sewn.


We fill the pillow through the hole, sew it up manually, finish the edging.

If there is a zipper, the pillowcase can be washed. If there is no zipper, then you can place a decorative button in the center of the pillow. To do this, we place it in the center and sew it (we pass the thread through the entire pillow directly with the filler).

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