Simple knitting - Japanese slippers

Knitting is considered the easiest way to makething with their own hands. This process takes time, but it is easy to distinguish, especially when viewing a film or relaxing after a hard day's work. True, this process requires effort and preparation, which we will discuss further.

Stage of preparation

Before you start knitting, you need to collect everything in one place to be at hand. For successful work we will need:

  • spokes;
  • wool;
  • scheme;
  • desire and mood knit;
  • time.

So, when all the components are assembled, we can begin the process of knitting such a wonderful thing as Japanese slippers.

Japanese slippers.

Basic step-by-step instruction

First you need to fold the thread in half and on both spokes, dial loops in the amount of 40 pieces. Then we begin to knit Japanese slippers with an elastic band 2 x 2 (2 facial, 2 purl loops) about 18 cm.

Japanese slippers with spikes

The second step is to do the initial workpieceless by 2 loops on each side. After that, we apply another kind of knitting - kerchief (how it looks, we'll talk further in the article). In the process, we remove one loop from each side, so that only 5 remain on the spokes.

The third step is to tie another 20 rows. As a result, a narrow detail-the tie-should come out.

Japanese slippers, knitted.

The fourth step is to tie it to the other end of the workpiece. This should also be done with garter stitching and in the process remove one loop from both ends until there are 5 pieces left on the knitting needles.

Japanese slippers. Process

The fifth step - finishing and the second string, the resulting design is folded in half and stitched on the sides, in place of rubber bands. Everything, Japanese slippers can be worn. As you can see, this is not difficult.

Japanese slippers. The result

Types of mating

We present to your attention the description of the two above mentioned knitting patterns, which are used to create such things as Japanese slippers.

A classical gum, for example, is used for a variety of products. As a rule, it consists of 2 face and 2 purl loops.

"elastic". Kind of cloth.

And garter stitch is considered to be basic. For this you need:

1. Type the loops into 2 spokes.

Method "garter stitch".

2. Remove one of them, tie the entire row as front.

We knit the canvas

3. After finishing the series, turn the spoke and start knitting in the same rhythm. The process continues until the required length of the canvas

Creative Option

As they say, how many housewives, so many opinions. Earlier we considered the simplest instruction showing how to knit Japanese slippers with knitting needles. Now we will see not a dry compressed version, but his creative alternative.

To implement this venture, we will need threads of lilac color (two shades) and spokes number 14. The process looks like this:

  1. Dial 34 loops.
  2. The first row is tied with facial, and the second - with the wrong loops, after which 2 rows - garter stitch.
  3. Again we knit a series of facial and a series of purl loops.
  4. Two rows of garter stitch.
  5. Next, the detail is sewn with the front and back loops, but with the front side closed on the loop until there are six of them left.
  6. We knit the string.

The main part of slippers at the same time can turn out any color that you choose, and ropes of a different shade.

slippers are ready

After the Japanese slippers are sewn, they can be decorated with beads and flowers. To do this, you need to select the material for the color and then, using a thread, weave the decoration into the canvas.

To decorate the product with a flower, you need itfor the beginning to crochet out threads of a similar color, like the Japanese slippers themselves. Once the flowers are ready, sew them to zavyazochkam or socks. How to decorate, you decide.

Japanese slippers. Decoration

As a result, you should get magnificent elegant Japanese slippers. They are sure to be a great gift for any holiday.


what do Japanese slippers look like

Concluding our step-by-step instruction, we want tonote that Japanese slippers, knitted with needles, look charming, and most importantly, the technology used in this process is available even to those who for the first time undertake such needlework. Simple knitting is our main goal when creating beautiful things from threads.

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