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Mendeleev Dmitry Ivanovich, biography and personalitywhich, even in the most general terms, is familiar to every one of our compatriots, is one of the most prominent figures of science in Russian history. It is about the biography of this scientist that will be discussed in this article.

Biography of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev: early years

The future creator of the table of chemical elements was born in February 1834. To Himbiography of Mendeleevhappened to be born into the family of the directora prestigious gymnasium from the city of Tobolsk. In addition to our hero, the parents of the future chemist had seventeen more children. However, eight of them died at an early age. His education Dima started in the gymnasium of his native city. After graduating, he enters the St. Petersburg University at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. At twenty-one, the young man graduates from the university, having been awarded a gold medal for his academic achievements.

Biography Mendeleyev: the beginning of a career

After graduation, Mendeleev did not immediately begindensely engage in the study of chemistry. For some time a young man tries to prove himself in literary work. Actually, this contributed to the very golden era of Russian poetry, in which he happened to live. In parallel, he was engaged in private teaching. But soon, due to problems with his own health, Dmitry Ivanovich had to move to Odessa. In this southern city, he is arranged as a teacher in the gymnasium, which is held at the Richelieu Lyceum.

dmitry mendeleev biography

However, a year later Mendeleyev returned tothe capital, where he defends his master's thesis, which gave him the right to read the course of organic chemistry in Alma mater. In 1859, a young scientist was sent to a two-year internship in the German city of Heidelberg. Even after his return to Russia, Dmitry Ivanovich wrote the first in the history of domestic textbooks on organic chemistry.

Biography of Mendeleev: flowering of activity and recognition

A fairly young scientist at that time in 1865defended his doctoral dissertation. In this work, the foundations of a new approach to the study of organic solutions were already laid down. After the defense, he occupies the position of professor at St. Petersburg University. In parallel, he also gives lectures in a number of other universities in the capital. In the same year 1865 Mendeleev acquired an estate in a small settlement of Boblovo, located in the Moscow province. There he enthusiastically undertakes research in the field of agrochemistry and agriculture.

Mendeleev Dmitri Ivanovich Biography

In 1869 Dmitry Ivanovich does the same thingscientific discovery, thanks to which he is known today in Russia and the rest of the world - he was the first to formulate and order a periodic table of chemical elements. Two years later, in 1871, a classic monograph entitled "Fundamentals of Chemistry" subsequently emerged from the scholar's pen. In subsequent years, Dmitry Ivanovich engaged in teaching and scientific research, which is so rich in his biography. Mendeleyev in 1880 was nominated for academics, but the candidacy did not pass. This event aroused violent indignation in the society. The scientific department of the university, where he worked for more than thirty years, Dmitri Ivanovich leaves in 1890 to protest the mass oppression of students' rights and freedoms.

Dmitriy Mendeleev. Biography: recent years

At the end of life, a recognized scholar workedsome time as a consultant in the Maritime Ministry. Later, he even became the organizer of the first in the history of Russia Chamber of Weights and Measures, as well as its first director. It was here that he worked until his death. The famous Russian scientist died on February 2, 1907.

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