Shazam - a 2019 film

  • Original name:Shazam
  • Premiere:April 2019
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Genre:fiction / action
  • Producer:David F. Sandberg
  • Cast:Dwayne Johnson

In February 2018, the shooting of the American sci-fi thriller Shazam 2019 will begin. The film will premiere on April 5, 2019 in North America. Numerous fans of the comic book series from the publisher DC Comics are eagerly awaiting the release, as judging by sales, the main character, Captain Marvel, is one of the most popular superheroes.

Captain Marvel Shazam

Continuation of the Expanded DC Universe

Chazam 2019 is a sequel to the media franchise created on comics, known as “Expanded Universe DC”. Four films of this series of the DC Universe DC Comics have already been released:

  • "Man of Steel" in 2013;
  • "Batman vs. Superman: At the Dawn of Justice" in 2016;
  • "Suicide squad" in 2016;
  • “Wonder Woman” in 2017.

Superheroes marvel

Film Warner Bros. Pictures plans to make 12 more films in the future. They will be united by a common plot. But in each series there will be new heroes with unique abilities.Sometimes during the plot their paths will intersect.

Story line

Shazam is the name of the superhero Captain Marvel, who was invented by the dreamy teenager Billy Batson. This word is an acronym for the six legendary ancient Greek gods. A young reporter at the pronunciation of the word "shazam" is struck by magical lightning. Under her action, he is transformed into a superhero, possessing abilities inherent in one of six mythological figures:

  1. Wisdom -S.
  2. Force -H.
  3. Resilience -A.
  4. Power -Z.
  5. Courage -A.
  6. Speed ​​-M.

Captain marvel

At the time of the transformation, Shazam may share his power with other members of the "family", for example: captain Marvel Jr. or Mary Marvel. But this power is a limited source. It can be divided only into three parts and transferred to the Marvelo family who are in active form.

The main enemy of Shazam in the film is the Black Adam. This supervillain is the ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain Marvel. But in the main battle, he was defeated by him and was expelled to the farthest star in the universe. Returning after centuries to the Earth, corrupted by exorbitant ambitions, Black Adam challenges not only Shazam, but also his comrades.

Black adam

Project Development Details

Swedish director David F.Sandberg, who heads the shooting of the painting Shazam, has considerable experience. He became famous for creating for the company the horror “The Curse of Annabel” and “And the lights go out ...”, which received the approval of critics and brought rental income in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

When creating the film, the director plans to use all the materials about Captain Marvel. After all, "the strongest in the mortal world" was known in the 40s of the last century. He had to fight with various evil incarnations, including Hitler himself. But, since the script of the film has been rewritten several times, then who the protagonist will encounter on its way remains an intrigue.

In addition to the intriguing plot of the bet is done and the cast of the picture. Creators carefully approach the choice of actors. Who will play the role of the key character in the picture is not yet known. Presumably this will be a popular wrestler John Cena or Joshua Sass - the actor who embodied the knight Galavant in the comedy musical of the same name.

John Sin and Joshua Sass

The role of the main anti-hero was proposed by Dwayne Johnson. The actor initially saw himself as the key acting character - Shazam.But still the image of the villain seemed to him more interesting. In addition, the writers are of the opinion that Black Adam deserves a bigger project, and therefore will also be the main villain in the film “Man of Steel 2”.

Despite the genre of the film, already on the trailer of the movie Shazam 2019 can be judged that its main feature is a large number of humor, the presence of funny and funny moments. So viewing the picture will bring considerable pleasure not only to fans of comic books, but simply to fans of interesting dynamic films.

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