Shampoo for dogs

Many of us bathe our dogs regularly: before the exhibitions, after too "stormy" walks and even for the sake of prevention. What tools do we use? Often - shampoo for dogs. Fortunately, the zoo industry offers us a huge choice. How to choose the right shampoo?Shampoo for dogs

Choosing a shampoo for your own needs, youtake into account the brand and reviews, the quality and length of your hair, their color and general condition, pay attention to the composition. Shampoos for dogs are selected, as a rule, by the same criteria. One type of shampoo gives volume, the other - strengthens the shine, the third - slightly tones the main coat color, etc.

It is important to understand that for each breedcorresponds to its own individual means. For example, shampoo, which can be used when swimming mastiff, is not suitable for long-haired collie or gentle York. Consider not only the length and quality of the coat, but also the skin condition, and the tendency to allergies.

Do not buy a shampoo for dogs containing a lot ofdyes and fragrances. Most manufacturers are set up for sale in any way, so they are striving not only to beautifully decorate the bottles with content, but also "take care" of the merchandise of the content itself, adding a lot of unnecessary ingredients that do not benefit, and sometimes even cause irritation and skin diseases. The ideal shampoo for dogs is natural, with the content of extracts of herbs and oils, with the absence of anionic surfactant sulfate (or SLS, SLES). Unfortunately, about 95% of all shampoos include this harmful substance. With frequent use of shampoo with its content, the immune system malfunctions. In the event of eye contact, an irreversible visual impairment is possible. Absorbed in the skin, the substance through the blood enters the heart, liver, brain, lungs and accumulates there. The maximum allowable content of sulfate in shampoos is 1%. Abandon those facilities in which sulfate is located in the first place. Do not buy shampoos, without indicating the manufacturer (including address and phone) and a complete list of components.

Dry Shampoo for DogsBathe the dog only if necessary: at really strong pollution, before exhibitions. By the way, some breeders clean their pets using dry shampoo for dogs. The product is very convenient: sprinkled and combed. Flushing is not required. But such means are suitable only for well-groomed dogs and are used to remove dust or facilitate combing. If the dog decided to swim in a dirty puddle, or fell into something very foul-smelling, then the dry shampoo will not save: a full bath will be required. This shampoo for dogs - a kind of wand-zashchalochka for those who take the dog on the road. For dogs with white hair, such as Samoyed Laika, a whitening shampoo is preferred. For dogs bright, with a tan, shampoos tinting are ideal.

Sometimes it happens that shampoo is not at hand, butWhitening shampoo for dogsto redeem him or nowhere, or once. In this case, you can prepare the detergent yourself. For this, you need only a piece of soap (baby, or household, without additives), lemon juice (a dessert spoon for 50 grams of soap) and, if desired, a decoction of herbs. The soap is rubbed on the grater, brought to a boil (must dissolve) and cool slightly. In this solution is added lemon juice and a steep decoction of herbs (chamomile, mint, calendula). In recent years, we have been using only this remedy and, it should be noted that the washing capacity is not inferior to shampoos costly, and there is never any irritation on the skin.

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