Heading "Movies 2019"

For the year 2019, it is planned to launch a large number of films on wide screens that are eagerly waiting for millions of viewers, both in our country and around the world. They belong to different genres and therefore will please the widest audience.

Some projects are already ready for trailers that can be easily found on the net. This stirs even more interest in the upcoming premieres. Among the most anticipated films can be noted: "Star Wars: Episode 9", "Avengers 4", "Fast and Furious 9", "Suicide Squad 2", "Bond 25", "Ono 2", "Shazam", "Spawn 2", "Macho and Botan 3", "Planet of the Apes 4", "Avatar 2" and many others. Among the cartoons are: "Sponge Bob 3", "Lego 2", "Cold Heart 2", "Real Squirrel 3".

Domestic directors have learned how to make decent films, so the premieres will be waiting with great impatience, even though they cannot boast of huge budgets. The secret of such success lies in the fact that they are dedicated to events that our compatriots understand.

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